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Marwan Alquran
Marwan Alquran
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Analytical solutions of fractional foam drainage equation by residual power series method
M Alquran
Mathematical sciences 8 (4), 153-160, 2014
Analytical Solution of Time-Fractional Drinfeld-Sokolov-Wilson System Using Residual Power Series Method
HM Jaradat, S Al-Shara, QJA Khan, M Alquran, K Al-Khaled
IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics 46 (1), 64-70, 2016
Solitons and Periodic Solutions to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by the Sine-Cosine Method
M Alquran
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences (AMIS) 6 (1), 85-88, 2012
Shapes and dynamics of dual-mode Hirota–Satsuma coupled KdV equations: exact traveling wave solutions and analysis
M Alquran, I Jaradat, D Baleanu
Chinese Journal of Physics 58, 49-56, 2019
Analytical solution of time-fractional two-component evolutionary system of order 2 by residual power series method
M Alquran
J. Appl. Anal. Comput 5 (4), 589-599, 2015
New interesting optical solutions to the quadratic–cubic Schrodinger equation by using the Kudryashov-expansion method and the updated rational sine–cosine functions
M Alquran
Optical and Quantum Electronics 54 (10), 666, 2022
Analytical solution of the time-fractional Phi-4 equation by using modified residual power series method
M Alquran, HM Jaradat, MI Syam
Nonlinear Dynamics 90, 2525-2529, 2017
Dynamics of lump collision phenomena to the (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation
TA Sulaiman, A Yusuf, A Abdeljabbar, M Alquran
Journal of Geometry and Physics 169, 104347, 2021
Analysis of lumps, single-stripe, breather-wave, and two-wave solutions to the generalized perturbed-KdV equation by means of Hirota’s bilinear method
M Alquran, R Alhami
Nonlinear Dynamics 109 (3), 1985-1992, 2022
Optical bidirectional wave-solutions to new two-mode extension of the coupled KdV–Schrodinger equations
M Alquran
Optical and Quantum Electronics 53 (10), 588, 2021
Analytical solutions of fractional population diffusion model: residual power series
M Alquran, K Al-Khaled, J Chattopadhyay
Nonlinear Stud 22 (1), 31-39, 2015
Mathematical methods for a reliable treatment of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Zoomeron equation
M Alquran, K Al-Khaled
Mathematical Sciences 6 (11), 2012
Dark and singular optical solutions with dual-mode nonlinear Schrödinger's equation and Kerr-law nonlinearity
I Jaradat, M Alquran, S Momani, A Biswas
Optik 172, 822-825, 2018
Physical properties for bidirectional wave solutions to a generalized fifth-order equation with third-order time-dispersion term
M Alquran
Results in Physics 28, 104577, 2021
Dual-wave solutions for the quadratic–cubic conformable-Caputo time-fractional Klein–Fock–Gordon equation
M Alquran, F Yousef, F Alquran, TA Sulaiman, A Yusuf
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 185, 62-76, 2021
Promoted residual power series technique with Laplace transform to solve some time-fractional problems arising in physics
M Alquran, M Ali, M Alsukhour, I Jaradat
Results in Physics 19, 103667, 2020
Variable coefficient equations of the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili hierarchy: multiple soliton solutions and singular multiple soliton solutions
HM Jaradat, S Al-Shara, F Awawdeh, M Alquran
Physica Scripta 85, 7 pp, 2012
The tanh and sine–cosine methods for higher order equations of Korteweg–de Vries type
M Alquran, K Al-Khaled
Physica Scripta 84 (2), 025010, 2011
Sinc and solitary wave solutions to the generalized Benjamin–Bona–Mahony–Burgers equations
M Alquran, K Al-Khaled
Physica Scripta 83, 065010, 2011
Jacobi elliptic function solutions for a two-mode KdV equation
M Alquran, A Jarrah
Journal of King Saud University-Science 31 (4), 485-489, 2019
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