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Adrien Doerig
Adrien Doerig
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Hard criteria for empirical theories of consciousness
A Doerig, A Schurger, MH Herzog
Cognitive neuroscience 12 (2), 41-62, 2021
The unfolding argument: Why IIT and other causal structure theories cannot explain consciousness
A Doerig, A Schurger, K Hess, MH Herzog
Consciousness and cognition 72, 49-59, 2019
All in good time: long-lasting postdictive effects reveal discrete perception
MH Herzog, L Drissi-Daoudi, A Doerig
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24 (10), 826-837, 2020
The neuroconnectionist research programme
A Doerig, RP Sommers, K Seeliger, B Richards, J Ismael, GW Lindsay, ...
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 24 (7), 431-450, 2023
Beyond Bouma's window: How to explain global aspects of crowding?
A Doerig, A Bornet, R Rosenholtz, G Francis, AM Clarke, MH Herzog
PLoS computational biology 15 (5), e1006580, 2019
Capsule networks as recurrent models of grouping and segmentation
A Doerig, L Schmittwilken, B Sayim, M Manassi, MH Herzog
PLoS computational biology 16 (7), e1008017, 2020
Crowding reveals fundamental differences in local vs. global processing in humans and machines
A Doerig, A Bornet, OH Choung, MH Herzog
Vision research 167, 39-45, 2020
Feature integration within discrete time windows
L Drissi-Daoudi, A Doerig, MH Herzog
Nature communications 10 (1), 4901, 2019
Semantic scene descriptions as an objective of human vision
A Doerig, TC Kietzmann, E Allen, Y Wu, T Naselaris, K Kay, I Charest
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.11737, 2022
A new empirical challenge for local theories of consciousness
M Michel, A Doerig
Mind & Language 37 (5), 840-855, 2022
The role of one-shot learning in# TheDress
LD Daoudi, A Doerig, K Parkosadze, M Kunchulia, MH Herzog
Journal of Vision 17 (3), 15-15, 2017
Global and high-level effects in crowding cannot be predicted by either high-dimensional pooling or target cueing
A Bornet, OH Choung, A Doerig, D Whitney, MH Herzog, M Manassi
Journal of Vision 21 (12), 10-10, 2021
A comparative biology approach to DNN modeling of vision: A focus on differences, not similarities
B Lonnqvist, A Bornet, A Doerig, MH Herzog
Journal of vision 21 (10), 17-17, 2021
Shrinking Bouma’s window: How to model crowding in dense displays
A Bornet, A Doerig, MH Herzog, G Francis, E Van der Burg
PLoS computational biology 17 (7), e1009187, 2021
Building perception block by block: a response to Fekete et al.
A Doerig, F Scharnowski, MH Herzog
Neuroscience of Consciousness 2019 (1), niy012, 2019
How best to unify crowding?
MV Pachai, AC Doerig, MH Herzog
Current Biology 26 (9), R352-R353, 2016
Dissecting (un) crowding
OH Choung, A Bornet, A Doerig, MH Herzog
Journal of Vision 21 (10), 10-10, 2021
First-person experience cannot rescue causal structure theories from the unfolding argument
MH Herzog, A Schurger, A Doerig
Consciousness and cognition, 2021
How stable is perception in# TheDress and# TheShoe?
L Drissi-Daoudi, A Doerig, K Parkosadze, M Kunchulia, MH Herzog
Vision Research 169, 1-5, 2020
& Kietzmann
A Doerig, R Sommers, K Seeliger, B Richards, J Ismael, G Lindsay
TC, 2022
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