Linquan Bai
Linquan Bai
UNC Charlotte
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Interval optimization based operating strategy for gas-electricity integrated energy systems considering demand response and wind uncertainty
L Bai, F Li, H Cui, T Jiang, H Sun, J Zhu
Applied energy 167, 270-279, 2016
Sizing of energy storage and diesel generators in an isolated microgrid using discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
J Xiao, L Bai, F Li, H Liang, C Wang
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 5 (3), 907-916, 2014
Security-constrained bi-level economic dispatch model for integrated natural gas and electricity systems considering wind power and power-to-gas process
G Li, R Zhang, T Jiang, H Chen, L Bai, X Li
Applied energy 194, 696-704, 2017
Distribution locational marginal pricing (DLMP) for congestion management and voltage support
L Bai, J Wang, C Wang, C Chen, F Li
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Optimal dispatch strategy for integrated energy systems with CCHP and wind power
G Li, R Zhang, T Jiang, H Chen, L Bai, H Cui, X Li
Applied energy 192, 408-419, 2017
Day-ahead coordinated operation of utility-scale electricity and natural gas networks considering demand response based virtual power plants
H Cui, F Li, Q Hu, L Bai, X Fang
Applied Energy, 2016
Determination of the optimal installation site and capacity of battery energy storage system in distribution network integrated with distributed generation
J Xiao, Z Zhang, L Bai, H Liang
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 10 (3), 601-607, 2016
Distributed energy storage planning in soft open point based active distribution networks incorporating network reconfiguration and DG reactive power capability
L Bai, T Jiang, F Li, H Chen, X Li
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A framework of residential demand aggregation with financial incentives
Q Hu, F Li, X Fang, L Bai
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Convex optimization based distributed optimal gas-power flow calculation
C Wang, W Wei, J Wang, L Bai, Y Liang, T Bi
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Robust Scheduling for Wind Integrated Energy Systems Considering Gas Pipeline and Power Transmission N-1 Contingencies
L Bai, F Li, T Jiang, H Jia
IEEE Trans Power Systems, 2017
Method and software for planning and designing of microgrid
J Xiao, L Bai, C Wang, J Yu
Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng Xuebao(Proceedings of the Chinese Society of …, 2012
Day-ahead scheduling of multi-carrier energy systems with multi-type energy storages and wind power
R Zhang, T Jiang, G Li, H Chen, X Li, L Bai, H Cui
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Economic dispatch of wind integrated power systems with energy storage considering composite operating costs
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Optimal energy flow and nodal energy pricing in carbon emission-embedded integrated energy systems
T Jiang, H Deng, L Bai, R Zhang, X Li, H Chen
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Finite-time synchronization control and parameter identification of uncertain permanent magnet synchronous motor
Y Sun, X Wu, L Bai, Z Wei, G Sun
Neurocomputing 207, 511-518, 2016
Identification of voltage stability critical injection region in bulk power systems based on the relative gain of voltage coupling
T Jiang, L Bai, H Jia, H Yuan, F Li
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 10 (7), 1495-1503, 2016
Adjustable robust optimal power flow with the price of robustness for large-scale power systems
T Ding, Z Bie, L Bai, F Li
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 10 (1), 164-174, 2016
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