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John Fischetti
John Fischetti
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Micro-teaching 2.0: Technology as the classroom
S Ledger, J Fischetti
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 36 (1), 37-54, 2020
Professional development schools: Persisting questions and lessons learned
P Metcalf-Turner, J Fischetti
Journal of Teacher Education 47 (4), 292-299, 1996
Preservice teachers’ confidence and preferred teaching strategies using TeachLivE™ virtual learning environment: A two-step cluster analysis
S Ledger, Z Ersozlu, J Fischetti
Deakin University, 2019
Mr Watson, come here...: The performance of early college students in their first year at the university and the challenge to P-16 education
J Fischetti, S MacKain, R Smith
Improving schools 14 (1), 48-64, 2011
What if compulsory schooling was a 21st century invention? Weak signals from a systematic review of the literature
J McGrath, J Fischetti
International Journal of Educational Research 95, 212-226, 2019
An early college initiative in an urban, high-poverty high school: First-year effects on student achievement and non-academic indicators
MA Muñoz, JC Fischetti, JR Prather
Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR) 19 (1), 36-52, 2014
The idea of the university in an age of school reform: The shaping force of professional development schools
N Lyons, B Stroble, J Fischetti
Making professional development schools work, 88-111, 1997
Shifting paradigms: Emerging issues for educational policy and practice
J Fischetti, A Dittmer, DW Kyle
The Teacher Educator 31 (3), 189-201, 1995
Constructivist teaching and student empowerment: Educational equity through school reform
A Dittmer, J Fischetti, DW Kyle
Equity & Excellence in Education 26 (1), 40-45, 1993
-Practice before practicum: simulation in initial teacher education
J Fischetti, S Ledger, D Lynch, D Donnelly
The Teacher Educator 57 (2), 155-174, 2022
Introduction to the special issue on transforming the American high school: The premise and promise of small learning communities
J Fischetti, R Smith
Peabody Journal of Education 85 (3), 259-263, 2010
From the margins to the mainstream: Potential impact of early colleges on traditional high schools
R Smith, J Fischetti, D Fort, T Gurley, M Kelly
The Educational Forum 76 (3), 383-394, 2012
Short- and medium-term impacts of the Just Like You disability awareness program: A quasi-experimental comparison of alternative forms of program delivery in …
A Lloyd, M Smith, I Dempsey, J Fischetti, K Amos
Australian Journal of Education 61 (3), 288-304, 2017
Issues in Education: Last Stand for Teacher Education: James D. Kirylo, Editor
JC Fischetti
Childhood Education 89 (1), 40-41, 2013
Analytics framework for k-12 school systems
MR Varanasi, JC Fischetti, MW Smith
Data leadership for K-12 schools in a time of accountability, 206-233, 2018
The purpose of a professional development school is to make a difference: 10 years of a high school–university partnership
S Abma, J Fischetti, A Larson
Peabody Journal of Education 74 (3-4), 254-262, 1999
Issues in Education: The Rubber Duckies Are Here: Five Trends Affecting Public Education Around the World: James Kirylo, Editor
JC Fischetti
Childhood Education 90 (4), 316-318, 2014
Implementing and Monitoring the Response to Intervention Process: The Special Educator Perspective.
LK Gates, JC Fischetti, A Moody
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals 20, 47, 2013
Undergraduates tutoring in secondary schools: Collaborative opportunities for teacher education
J Fischetti, R Maloy, J Heffley
Action in teacher education 10 (4), 9-14, 1988
Candidate selection in a fifth year teacher education recruitment model: A multi-stage partnership approach
RJ Clark, JC Fischetti
Journal of Teacher Education 38 (2), 26-30, 1987
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