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Dazhi Yang (杨大智)
Dazhi Yang (杨大智)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
History and trends in solar irradiance and PV power forecasting: A preliminary assessment and review using text mining
D Yang, J Kleissl, CA Gueymard, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 168, 60-101, 2018
Hourly solar irradiance time series forecasting using cloud cover index
D Yang, P Jirutitijaroen, WM Walsh
Solar Energy 86 (12), 3531-3543, 2012
Short-term solar irradiance forecasting using exponential smoothing state space model
Z Dong, D Yang, T Reindl, WM Walsh
Energy 55, 1104-1113, 2013
Solar radiation on inclined surfaces: Corrections and benchmarks
D Yang
Solar Energy 136, 288-302, 2016
Solar irradiance forecasting using spatial-temporal covariance structures and time-forward kriging
D Yang, C Gu, Z Dong, P Jirutitijaroen, N Chen, WM Walsh
Renewable Energy 60, 235-245, 2013
Energy forecasting: A review and outlook
T Hong, P Pinson, Y Wang, R Weron, D Yang, H Zareipour
IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy 7, 376-388, 2020
Short term solar irradiance forecasting using a mixed wavelet neural network
V Sharma, D Yang, W Walsh, T Reindl
Renewable Energy 90, 481-492, 2016
Automatic hourly solar forecasting using machine learning models
GM Yagli, D Yang, D Srinivasan
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 105, 487-498, 2019
Optimal Orientation and Tilt Angle for Maximizing in-Plane Solar Irradiation for PV Applications in Singapore
YS Khoo, A Nobre, R Malhotra, D Yang, R Ruther, T Reindl, AG Aberle
Photovoltaics, IEEE Journal of 4 (2), 647 - 653, 2014
Forecasting of global horizontal irradiance by exponential smoothing, using decompositions
D Yang, V Sharma, Z Ye, LI Lim, L Zhao, AW Aryaputera
Energy 81, 111-119, 2015
Very short term irradiance forecasting using the lasso
D Yang, Z Ye, LHI Lim, Z Dong
Solar Energy 114, 314-326, 2015
A novel hybrid approach based on self-organizing maps, support vector regression and particle swarm optimization to forecast solar irradiance
Z Dong, D Yang, T Reindl, WM Walsh
Energy 82, 570-577, 2015
A Linear Identification of Diode Models from Single IV Characteristics of PV Panels
L Lim, Z Ye, J Ye, D Yang, H Du
Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on 62 (7), 4181-4193, 2015
Solar irradiance forecasting using spatio-temporal empirical kriging and vector autoregressive models with parameter shrinkage
D Yang, Z Dong, T Reindl, P Jirutitijaroen, WM Walsh
Solar Energy 103, 550-562, 2014
Satellite image analysis and a hybrid ESSS/ANN model to forecast solar irradiance in the tropics
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Very short-term irradiance forecasting at unobserved locations using spatio-temporal kriging
AW Aryaputera, D Yang, L Zhao, WM Walsh
Solar Energy 122, 1266-1278, 2015
A Siting and Sizing Optimization Approach for PV–Battery–Diesel Hybrid Systems
CD Rodríguez-Gallegos, O Gandhi, D Yang, MS Alvarez-Alvarado, ...
Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on 54 (3), 2637-2645, 2018
Verification of deterministic solar forecasts
D Yang, S Alessandrini, J Antonanzas, F Antonanzas-Torres, V Badescu, ...
Solar Energy 210, 20-37, 2020
A guideline to solar forecasting research practice: Reproducible, operational, probabilistic or physically-based, ensemble, and skill (ROPES)
D Yang
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 11 (2), 022701, 2019
A multi-objective and robust optimization approach for sizing and placement of PV and batteries in off-grid systems fully operated by diesel generators: An Indonesian case study
CD Rodríguez-Gallegos, D Yang, O Gandhi, M Bieri, T Reindl, SK Panda
Energy 160, 410-429, 2018
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