Kevin Grossklaus
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Misorientation defects in coalesced self-catalyzed GaN nanowires
KA Grossklaus, A Banerjee, S Jahangir, P Bhattacharya, JM Millunchick
Journal of crystal growth 371, 142-147, 2013
Red-Emitting ( nm) In0.51Ga0.49N/GaN Disk-in-Nanowire Light Emitting Diodes on Silicon
S Jahangir, T Schimpke, M Strassburg, KA Grossklaus, JM Millunchick, ...
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 50 (7), 530-537, 2014
Mechanisms of nanodot formation under focused ion beam irradiation in compound semiconductors
KA Grossklaus, JM Millunchick
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (1), 014319, 2011
Utilizing the thermodynamic nanoparticle size effects for low temperature Pb-free solder
JP Koppes, KA Grossklaus, AR Muza, RR Revur, S Sengupta, A Rae, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 177 (2), 197-204, 2012
Anomalous Stranski-Krastanov growth of (111)-oriented quantum dots with tunable wetting layer thickness
CF Schuck, SK Roy, T Garrett, Q Yuan, Y Wang, CI Cabrera, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
Subwavelength antimonide infrared detector coupled with dielectric resonator antenna
A Kazemi, Q Shu, V Dahiya, Z Taghipour, P Paradis, C Ball, ...
Infrared Technology and Applications XLV 11002, 1100221, 2019
Impact of rotation rate on bismuth saturation in GaAsBi grown by molecular beam epitaxy
MA Stevens, KA Grossklaus, JH McElearney, TE Vandervelde
Journal of Electronic Materials 48 (5), 3376-3382, 2019
Focused ion beam creation and templating of InAs and InAs/InP nanospikes
KA Grossklaus, JM Millunchick
Nanotechnology 22 (35), 355302, 2011
Self-assembly of tensile-strained Ge quantum dots on InAlAs (111) A
KE Sautter, CF Schuck, TA Garrett, AE Weltner, KD Vallejo, D Ren, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 533, 125468, 2020
Characterization of tellurium and silicon as n-type dopants for GaAsBi
MA Stevens, S Lenney, J McElearney, KA Grossklaus, TE Vandervelde
Semiconductor Science and Technology 35 (10), 105006, 2020
Strain stabilization of far from equilibrium GaAsBi films
MA Stevens, KA Grossklaus, TE Vandervelde
Journal of Crystal Growth 527, 125216, 2019
GaAsBi devices for thermal energy conversion
M Stevens, A Licht, N Pfiester, E Carlson, K Grossklaus, TE Vandervelde
2017 IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 701-705, 2017
Effect of microstructure on the optical properties of sputtered iridium thin films
NA Pfiester, KA Grossklaus, MA Stevens, TE Vandervelde
Optical Materials Express 10 (4), 1120-1128, 2020
Density functional theory analysis of the effect of structural configurations on the stability of GaAsBi compounds
H Adamji, M Stevens, K Grossklaus, TE Vandervelde, P Deshlahra
Computational Materials Science 173, 109401, 2020
Optical property comparison of GaAsBi and TlGaAs measured by variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry
S Lenney, K Grossklaus, M Stevens, TE Vandervelde
Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and …, 2019
Examination of the Shape and Structure of (111)-oriented GaAs Tensile-Strained Quantum Dots using Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, and Atom …
KA Grossklaus, CF Schuck, PJ Simmonds, TE Vandervelde
Microscopy and Microanalysis 25 (S2), 2208-2209, 2019
Effect of titanium adhesion layer on iridium thin film optical properties
N Pfiester, M Stevens, T Vandervelde, K Grossklaus
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, A45. 010, 2019
Examining the effect of Tl content on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of TlGaAs films
K Grossklaus, J McElearney, M Stevens, S Lenney, T Vandervelde
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, S33. 001, 2019
Examining the effects of changing film composition and temperature on the optical properties of GaAsBi epitaxial films
S Lenney, M Stevens, K Grossklaus, T Vandervelde
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, S33. 003, 2019
Overcoming bismuth saturation in GaAsBi by manipulating film strain
M Stevens, K Grossklaus, J McElearney, T Vandervelde
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, R33. 012, 2019
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