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Brian D. O'Connor
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Toil enables reproducible, open source, big biomedical data analyses
J Vivian, AA Rao, FA Nothaft, C Ketchum, J Armstrong, A Novak, J Pfeil, ...
Nature biotechnology 35 (4), 314-316, 2017
New insights into the Tyrolean Iceman's origin and phenotype as inferred by whole-genome sequencing
A Keller, A Graefen, M Ball, M Matzas, V Boisguerin, F Maixner, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-9, 2012
U87MG decoded: the genomic sequence of a cytogenetically aberrant human cancer cell line
MJ Clark, N Homer, BD O'Connor, Z Chen, A Eskin, H Lee, B Merriman, ...
PLoS genetics 6 (1), e1000832, 2010
Mutations in PYCR1 cause cutis laxa with progeroid features
B Reversade, N Escande-Beillard, A Dimopoulou, B Fischer, SC Chng, ...
Nature genetics 41 (9), 1016-1021, 2009
The genomics of disulfide bonding and protein stabilization in thermophiles
M Beeby, BD O'Connor, C Ryttersgaard, DR Boutz, LJ Perry, TO Yeates
PLoS biology 3 (9), e309, 2005
Genomics in the cloud: using Docker, GATK, and WDL in Terra
GA Van der Auwera, BD O'Connor
O'Reilly Media, 2020
Multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma is caused by a disease-specific spectrum of mutations in TGFBR1
DR Goudie, M D'Alessandro, B Merriman, H Lee, I Szeverényi, S Avery, ...
Nature genetics 43 (4), 365-369, 2011
Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes.
S Hirano, L Yang, M Juul, CA Purdie, BP O'Neill, R Kabbe, ...
Nature 578 (DKFZ-2020-01051), 82-93, 2020
SeqWare Query Engine: storing and searching sequence data in the cloud
BD O’Connor, B Merriman, SF Nelson
BMC bioinformatics 11 (12), 1-9, 2010
Loss of CHSY1, a secreted FRINGE enzyme, causes syndromic brachydactyly in humans via increased NOTCH signaling
J Tian, L Ling, M Shboul, H Lee, B O'Connor, B Merriman, SF Nelson, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 87 (6), 768-778, 2010
Pathogenicity of a disease-associated human IL-4 receptor allele in experimental asthma
R Tachdjian, C Mathias, S Al Khatib, PJ Bryce, HS Kim, F Blaeser, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 (10), 2191-2204, 2009
The Dockstore: enabling modular, community-focused sharing of Docker-based genomics tools and workflows
BD O'Connor, D Yuen, V Chung, AG Duncan, XK Liu, J Patricia, B Paten, ...
F1000Research 6, 2017
Celsius: a community resource for Affymetrix microarray data
A Day, MRJ Carlson, J Dong, BD O'Connor, SF Nelson
Genome biology 8 (6), 1-13, 2007
Improving the efficiency of genomic loci capture using oligonucleotide arrays for high throughput resequencing
H Lee, BD O'Connor, B Merriman, VA Funari, N Homer, Z Chen, DH Cohn, ...
BMC genomics 10 (1), 1-12, 2009
GMODWeb: a web framework for the Generic Model Organism Database
BD O'Connor, A Day, S Cain, O Arnaiz, L Sperling, LD Stein
Genome Biology 9 (6), 1-11, 2008
Utilizing logical relationships in genomic data to decipher cellular processes
PM Bowers, BD O'Connor, SJ Cokus, E Sprinzak, TO Yeates, D Eisenberg
The FEBS journal 272 (20), 5110-5118, 2005
GDAP: a web tool for genome-wide protein disulfide bond prediction
BD O'Connor, TO Yeates
Nucleic acids research 32 (suppl_2), W360-W364, 2004
Recommendations for the packaging and containerizing of bioinformatics software
B Gruening, O Sallou, P Moreno, F da Veiga Leprevost, H Ménager, ...
F1000Research 7, 2018
Developing reproducible bioinformatics analysis workflows for heterogeneous computing environments to support African genomics
S Baichoo, Y Souilmi, S Panji, G Botha, A Meintjes, S Hazelhurst, ...
BMC bioinformatics 19 (1), 1-13, 2018
GA4GH: International policies and standards for data sharing across genomic research and healthcare
HL Rehm, AJH Page, L Smith, JB Adams, G Alterovitz, LJ Babb, ...
Cell genomics 1 (2), 100029, 2021
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