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Ozgur Kaynar
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The effect of feeding thyme, sage and rosemary oil on laying hen performance, cholesterol and some proteins ratio of egg yolk and Escherichia coli count in feces
SC Bolukbasi
Archives fur Geflugelkunde 72, 231-237, 2008
Effects of different dietary oil sources on immune function in cyclophosphamide immunosuppressed chickens
X He, X Yang, Y Guo
Animal Feed Science and Technology 139 (3-4), 186-200, 2007
Effect of feeding Nigella sativa oil on laying hen performance, cholesterol and some proteins ratio of egg yolk and Escherichia coli count in feces
SC Bolukbasi, O Kaynar, MK Erhan, H Urusan
ARCHIV FUR GEFLUGELKUNDE 73 (3), 167-172, 2009
Physiological profile of juvenile rats: effects of cage size and cage density
A Yıldız, A Hayirli, Z Okumus, Ö Kaynar, F Kısa
Lab animal 36 (2), 28-38, 2007
Evaluation of 4 Point‐of‐Care Units for the Determination of Blood l‐Lactate Concentration in Cattle
T Karapinar, O Kaynar, A Hayirli, M Kom
Journal of veterinary internal medicine 27 (6), 1596-1603, 2013
The effect of different levels of canola oil on performance, egg shell quality and fatty acid composition of laying hens
M Gül, MA Yörük, T Aksu, A Kaya, Ö Kaynar
International journal of poultry science 11 (12), 769, 2012
Bovine respiratory disease in naturally infected calves: Clinical signs, blood gases and cytokine response
Y Ozkanlar, MS Aktas, O Kaynar, S Ozkanlar, E Kireccl
Rev de Méd Vét 163, 123-30, 2012
Effects of antioxidant vitamins (A, D, E) and trace elements (Cu, Mn, Se, Zn) on some metabolic and reproductive profiles in dairy cows during transition period
A Omur, A Kirbas, E Aksu, F Kandemir, E Dorman, O Kaynar, O Ucar
Polish journal of veterinary sciences, 2016
The effects of dietary flavonoid supplementation on the antioxidant status of laying hens
H Iskender, G Yenice, E Dokumacioglu, O Kaynar, A Hayirli, A Kaya
Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science 18 (4), 663-668, 2016
Effects of vitamin C and α-lipoid acid dietary supplementations on metabolic adaptation of broilers to heat stress
H Imik, O Kaynar, S Ozkanlar, R Gumus, H Polat, Y Ozkanlar
Rev Méd Vét 164, 52-59, 2013
Comparison of the effects of dietary supplementation of flavonoids on laying hen performance, egg quality and egg nutrient profile
H Iskender, G Yenice, E Dokumacioglu, O Kaynar, A Hayirli, A Kaya
British poultry science 58 (5), 550-556, 2017
Quality of eggs in different production systems
G Yenice, O Kaynar, M Ileriturk, F Hira, A Hayirli
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 34 (4), 370-376, 2016
Effects of vitamin E, C, and α-lipoic acid supplementation on the serum glucose, lipid profile, and proteins in quails under heat stress
H Imik, S Ozkanlar, O Kaynar, M Koc
Bull Vet Inst Pulawy 53, 521-526, 2009
Evaluation of computational modifications in HPTLC with Gel analysis software and flatbed scanner for lipid separation
O Kaynar, M Ileriturk, A Hayirli
JPC-Journal of Planar Chromatography-Modern TLC 26 (3), 202-208, 2013
Evaluation of coprological and serological techniques for diagnosis of bovine fasciolosis
H Avcioglu, E Guven, I Balkaya, O Kaynar, A Hayirli
Isr J Vet Med 69 (4), 203-210, 2014
Excretion rate and composition of skin surface lipids on the foreheads of adult males with type IV hyperlipoproteinemia
T Güldür, N Bayraktar, Ö Kaynar, G Beker, M Kocer, H Özcan
Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences 37 (4), 205-211, 2007
The effect of humic acid substances on the thyroid function and structure in lead poisoning
A Sahin, H Iskender, KKA Terim, K Altinkaynak, A Hayirli, A Gonultas, ...
Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science 18 (4), 649-654, 2016
The diagnostic value of two commercially available human cTnI assays in goat kids with myocarditis
T Karapinar, Y Eroksuz, A Hayirli, E Beytut, O Kaynar, E Baydar, ...
Veterinary clinical pathology 45 (1), 164-171, 2016
Relationships between Body Condition Score and some metabolic blood parameters in early lactating dairy cows
M Aktaş, S Özkanlar, Ö Uçar, YE Özkanlar, Ö Kaynar, İ Aytekin
Ecole Nationale Veterinaire Toulouse, 2011
Effect of dietary thyme oil on laying hens performance, cholesterol ratio of egg yolk and Escherichia coli concentration in feces
CS Bölükbası, MK Erhan, O Kaynar
International Journal of Natural and Engineering Science 1, 55-58, 2007
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