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Anita Cremers
Anita Cremers
senior researcher at TNO, professor ('lector') at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Object reference in a shared domain of conversation
RJ Beun, AHM Cremers
Pragmatics & Cognition 6 (1-2), 121-152, 1998
‘Proximal’and ‘distal’in language and cognition: Evidence from deictic demonstratives in Dutch
P Piwek, RJ Beun, A Cremers
Journal of Pragmatics 40 (4), 694-718, 2008
Evaluating XAI: A comparison of rule-based and example-based explanations
J van der Waa, E Nieuwburg, A Cremers, M Neerincx
Artificial Intelligence 291, 103404, 2021
Cognitive abilities of functionally illiterate persons relevant to ICT use
S Linden, AHM Cremers
International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons, 705-712, 2008
Evaluation of the Dutch train timetable information system developed in the ARISE project
A Sanderman, J Sturm, E den Os, L Boves, A Cremers
Proceedings 1998 IEEE 4th Workshop Interactive Voice Technology for …, 1998
Attuning speech-enabled interfaces to user and context for inclusive design: technology, methodology and practice
MA Neerincx, AHM Cremers, JM Kessens, DA Van Leeuwen, KP Truong
Universal Access in the Information Society 8 (2), 109-122, 2009
User-centered design with illiterate persons: the case of the ATM user interface
AHM Cremers, JGM de Jong, JS Balken
International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons, 713-720, 2008
A research environment for meeting behavior
WM Post, AHM Cremers, OA Blanson Henkemans
Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on social intelligence design, 159-165, 2004
Comparing UX Measurements, a case study
A Vermeeren, J Kort, A Cremers, J Fokker
International Workshop on, 72, 2008
Dutch and English demonstratives: A comparison
PLA Piwek, AHM Cremers
Language Sciences 18 (3-4), 835-851, 1996
Reference to objects: an empirically based study of task-oriented dialogues
AHM Cremers
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 1996
A web-based intervention for health professionals and patients to decrease cardiovascular risk attributable to physical inactivity: development process
B Sassen, G Kok, I Mesters, R Crutzen, A Cremers, L Vanhees
JMIR Research Protocols 1 (2), e1804, 2012
Construction of health preferences: a comparison of direct value assessment and personal narratives
JH Kerstholt, F van der Zwaard, H Bart, A Cremers
Medical Decision Making 29 (4), 513-520, 2009
Towards an interactive web tool that supports shared decision making in dementia: identifying user requirements
M Span, C Smits, L Groen-van de Ven, A Cremers, J Jukema, ...
Int. J. Adv. Life Sci 6, 338-349, 2014
Deriving guidelines for designing interactive questionnaires for low-literate persons: development of a health assessment questionnaire
AHM Cremers, M Welbie, K Kranenborg, H Wittink
Universal Access in the Information Society 16 (1), 161-172, 2017
Personalisation meets accessibility: towards the design of individual user interfaces for all
AHM Cremers, MA Neerincx
ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All, 119-124, 2004
Does playing the serious game B-SaFe! make citizens more aware of man-made and natural risks in their environment?
A Cremers, H Stubbé, D van der Beek, M Roelofs, J Kerstholt
Journal of risk research 18 (10), 1280-1292, 2015
An interactive web tool to facilitate shared decision making in dementia: design issues perceived by caregivers and patients
M Span, C Smits, LM Groen-Van De Ven, A Cremers, J Jukema, ...
Int. J. Adv. Life Sci 6, 107-121, 2014
Multimodal reference to objects: An empirical approach
RJ Beun, A Cremers
International Conference on Cooperative Multimodal Communication, 64-86, 1998
Inclusive design: bridging theory and practice
AHM Cremers, MA Neerincx, JGM De Jong
International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics …, 2013
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