Ullrika Sahlin
Ullrika Sahlin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The quality of the outdoor environment influences childrens health–a cross‐sectional study of preschools
M Söderström, C Boldemann, U Sahlin, F Mårtensson, A Raustorp, ...
Acta paediatrica 102 (1), 83-91, 2013
Should I stay or should I go? Modelling dispersal strategies in saproxylic insects based on pheromone capture and radio telemetry: a case study on the threatened hermit beetle …
GP Svensson, U Sahlin, B Brage, MC Larsson
Biodiversity and conservation 20 (13), 2883-2902, 2011
Invasive plant species in the Swedish flora: developing criteria and definitions, and assessing the invasiveness of individual taxa
T Tyler, T Karlsson, P Milberg, U Sahlin, S Sundberg
Nordic Journal of Botany 33 (3), 300-317, 2015
Pollinator population size and pollination ecosystem service responses to enhancing floral and nesting resources
J Häussler, U Sahlin, C Baey, HG Smith, Y Clough
Ecology and evolution 7 (6), 1898-1908, 2017
Experimental assessment of the environmental fate and effects of triazoles and benzotriazole
MK Durjava, B Kolar, L Arnus, E Papa, S Kovarich, U Sahlin, ...
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 41 (1), 65-75, 2013
Applicability domain dependent predictive uncertainty in QSAR regressions
U Sahlin, N Jeliazkova, T Öberg
Molecular informatics 33 (1), 26-35, 2014
Time to establishment success for introduced signal crayfish in Sweden–a statistical evaluation when success is partially known
U Sahlin, HG Smith, L Edsman, G Bengtsson
Journal of Applied Ecology 47 (5), 1044-1052, 2010
Evaluation of CADASTER QSAR models for the aquatic toxicity of (benzo) triazoles and prioritisation by consensus prediction
S Cassani, S Kovarich, E Papa, PP Roy, M Rahmberg, S Nilsson, ...
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 41 (1), 49-64, 2013
A risk assessment perspective of current practice in characterizing uncertainties in QSAR regression predictions
U Sahlin, M Filipsson, T Öberg
Molecular informatics 30 (6‐7), 551-564, 2011
Uncertainty in QSAR predictions
U Sahlin
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 41 (1), 111-125, 2013
PLS-Optimal: A stepwise D-Optimal design based on latent variables
S Brandmaier, U Sahlin, IV Tetko, T Öberg
Journal of chemical information and modeling 52 (4), 975-983, 2012
Benefits of biofuels in Sweden: a probabilistic re-assessment of the index of new cars’ climate impact
N Lubbe, U Sahlin
Applied energy 92, 473-479, 2012
Understanding quantitative structure–property relationships uncertainty in environmental fate modeling
M Sarfraz Iqbal, L Golsteijn, T Öberg, U Sahlin, E Papa, S Kovarich, ...
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 32 (5), 1069-1076, 2013
Arguments for considering uncertainty in QSAR predictions in hazard and risk assessments
U Sahlin, L Golsteijn, MS Iqbal, W Peijnenburg
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 41 (1), 91-110, 2013
A benefit analysis of screening for invasive species–base‐rate uncertainty and the value of information
U Sahlin, T Rydén, CD Nyberg, HG Smith
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2 (5), 500-508, 2011
Stakeholder Interaction in Research Processes-A Guide for Researchers and Research Groups
D Slunge, O Drakenberg, A Ekbom, M Göthberg, Å Knaggård, U Sahlin
University of Gothenburg, 2017
Assessing the impact of changes in land-use intensity and climate on simulated trade-offs between crop yield and nitrogen leaching
JH Blanke, S Olin, J Stürck, U Sahlin, M Lindeskog, J Helming, V Lehsten
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 239, 385-398, 2017
Should I stay or should I go? Modelling dispersal strategies in a threatened saproxylic beetle, Osmoderma eremita, based on pheromone capture and radio telemetry
GP Svensson, U Sahlin, B Brage, MC Larsson
Biodivers Conserv 20, 2883-2902, 2011
Imprecise swing weighting for multi-attribute utility elicitation based on partial preferences
MCM Troffaes, U Sahlin
Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Imprecise Probability …, 2017
Estimating effects of arable land use intensity on farmland birds using joint species modeling
M Stjernman, U Sahlin, O Olsson, HG Smith
Ecological Applications 29 (4), e01875, 2019
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