Henrik Wesemann
Henrik Wesemann
Lecturer and International Postdoctoral Fellow, University of St.Gallen
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Leader emergence in nascent venture teams: the critical roles of individual emotion regulation and team emotions
C Sirén, VF He, H Wesemann, Z Jonassen, D Grichnik, G von Krogh
Journal of Management Studies 57 (5), 931-961, 2020
Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams: The Critical Role of Individual Emotion Regulation and Team Emotions
G Siren, C., He, F., Wesemann, H., Jonassen, Z., Grichnik, D., von Krogh
Academy of Management Specialized Conference: From Start-up to Scale-up, 2018
How Women Can Improve Their Venture Pitch Outcomes
M Malmström, H Wesemann, J Wincent
MIT Sloan Management Review, 2020
A whole new world: Counterintuitive crowdfunding insights for female founders
H Wesemann, J Wincent
Journal of Business Venturing Insights 15, e00235, 2021
The Impact of Emotion Regulation and Team Emotions on Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams
CA Siren, F He, H Wesemann, Z Jonassen, D Grichnik, G von Krogh
Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1), 11991, 2020
Is There No 'I' in Team? - Team formation, decisions, and outcomes under individual differences
H Wesemann
PhD Dissertation of the University of St.Gallen, 2019
Learn, Learn, but Not the Same Way: How does TMT Learning Influence Radical Innovation in SME?
H Wesemann, CA Sirén, F He, D Grichnik
Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 (1), 16359, 2018
Suppress or Reappraise Your Emotion? Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams
C Sirén, D Grichnik, G von Krogh, H Wesemann, V Fang He, Z Jonassen
Academy of Management Global Proceedings, 281, 2018
The Financing of Entrepreneurship in China, the US, Germany, Japan and Korea: Comparative Analysis of Government Support, Institutions and Markets
H Wesemann, T Casas
6th World Forum on China Studies, 2015
The Financing of Entrepreneurship 2004-2013 - A Comparison of the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and South Korea
H Wesemann
Incoming Foreign Direct Investment in South Korea: Trends and causes after 1990
H Wesemann
The effect of framing in new venture team formation: Identifying with the idea or the team?
VF He, C Sirén, Z Jonassen, H Wesemann, G von Krogh, D Grichnik
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