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Samuel M. Howell
Samuel M. Howell
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
NASA’s Europa Clipper—A mission to a potentially habitable ocean world
SM Howell, RT Pappalardo
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1311, 2020
Sensitivity of seafloor bathymetry to climate-driven fluctuations in mid-ocean ridge magma supply
JA Olive, MD Behn, G Ito, WR Buck, J Escartín, S Howell
Science 350 (6258), 310-313, 2015
Band formation and ocean‐surface interaction on Europa and Ganymede
SM Howell, RT Pappalardo
Geophysical Research Letters, 2018
The Likely Thickness of Europa’s Icy Shell
SM Howell
The Planetary Science Journal 2 (4), 129, 2021
Can Earth-like plate tectonics occur in ocean world ice shells?
SM Howell, RT Pappalardo
Icarus 322, 69-79, 2019
Magmatic and tectonic extension at the Chile Ridge: Evidence for mantle controls on ridge segmentation
SM Howell, G Ito, MD Behn, F Martinez, JA Olive, J Escartín
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 17 (6), 2354-2373, 2016
Seafloor expression of oceanic detachment faulting reflects gradients in mid-ocean ridge magma supply
SM Howell, JA Olive, G Ito, MD Behn, J Escartin, B Kaus
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 516, 176-189, 2019
The origin of the asymmetry in the Iceland hotspot along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from continental breakup to present-day
SM Howell, G Ito, AJ Breivik, A Rai, R Mjelde, B Hanan, K Sayit, P Vogt
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 392, 143-153, 2014
The vertical fingerprint of earthquake cycle loading in southern California
S Howell, B Smith-Konter, N Frazer, X Tong, D Sandwell
Nature Geoscience 9 (8), 611-614, 2016
A recipe for the geophysical exploration of Enceladus
AI Ermakov, RS Park, J Roa, JC Castillo-Rogez, JT Keane, F Nimmo, ...
The Planetary Science Journal 2 (4), 157, 2021
Exploring the interior of Europa with the Europa Clipper
JH Roberts, WB McKinnon, CM Elder, G Tobie, JB Biersteker, D Young, ...
Space Science Reviews 219 (6), 46, 2023
Response to Comment on “Sensitivity of seafloor bathymetry to climate-driven fluctuations in mid-ocean ridge magma supply”
SH J.-A. Olive, M. D. Behn, G. Ito, W. R. Buck, J. Escartín
Science 352 (6292), 1405, 2016
Ocean Worlds Exploration and the Search for Life
S Howell, WC Stone, K Craft, C German, A Murray, A Rhoden, K Arrigo
Bulletin of the AAS 53 (4), 2021
Investigating Europa’s habitability with the Europa Clipper
SD Vance, KL Craft, E Shock, BE Schmidt, J Lunine, KP Hand, ...
Space Science Reviews 219 (8), 81, 2023
The europa clipper mission: understanding icy world habitability and blazing a path for future exploration
R Pappalardo, T Becker, D Blaney, D Blankenship, J Burch, ...
Bull. Am. Astron. Soc 53 (4), 255, 2021
Planned geological investigations of the Europa Clipper Mission
IJ Daubar, AG Hayes, GC Collins, KL Craft, JA Rathbun, JR Spencer, ...
Space Science Reviews 220 (1), 18, 2024
The likely thickness of Europa’s icy shell. Planet Sci J 2: 129
SM Howell
Simulation of Freezing Cryomagma Reservoirs in Viscoelastic Ice Shells
E Lesage, H Massol, SM Howell, F Schmidt
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (7), 170, 2022
NASA’s Europa Clipper—a mission to a potentially habitable ocean world. Nat Commun 11: 1311
SM Howell, RT Pappalardo
Radioisotope heat sources and power systems enabling ocean worlds subsurface and ocean access missions
D Woerner, S Johnson, JP Fleurial, S Howell, B Bairstow, M Smith
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 53 (4), 322, 2021
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