rodney saldanha
rodney saldanha
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Improvements in genetic algorithms
JA Vasconcelos, JA Ramirez, RHC Takahashi, RR Saldanha
IEEE Transactions on magnetics 37 (5), 3414-3417, 2001
Electric distribution network multiobjective design using a problem-specific genetic algorithm
EG Carrano, LAE Soares, RHC Takahashi, RR Saldanha, OM Neto
IEEE transactions on power delivery 21 (2), 995-1005, 2006
Improving generalization of MLPs with multi-objective optimization
R de Albuquerque Teixeira, AP Braga, RHC Takahashi, RR Saldanha
Neurocomputing 35 (1-4), 189-194, 2000
Inverse problem methodology and finite elements in the identification of cracks, sources, materials, and their geometry in inaccessible locations
SRH Hoole, S Subramaniam, R Saldanha, JL Coulomb, ...
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Genetic Algorithm Coupled with a Deterministic Method for Optimization in Electromagnetics
JAVRR Saldanha, LKA Nicolas
Lossy transmission line transient analysis by the finite element method
SY Lee, A Konrad, R Saldanha
IEEE transactions on magnetics 29 (2), 1730-1732, 1993
The real-biased multiobjective genetic algorithm and its application to the design of wire antennas
RM Ramos, RR Saldanha, RHC Takahashi, FJS Moreira
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 39 (3), 1329-1332, 2003
Optimal substation location and energy distribution network design using a hybrid GA-BFGS algorithm
EG Carrano, RHC Takahashi, EP Cardoso, RR Saldanha, OM Neto
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A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition for optimal design of Yagi-Uda antennas
R Carvalho, RR Saldanha, BN Gomes, AC Lisboa, AX Martins
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48 (2), 803-806, 2012
A meshless method for electromagnetic field computation based on the multiquadric technique
FG Guimarães, RR Saldanha, RC Mesquita, DA Lowther, JA Ramírez
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Training neural networks with a multi-objective sliding mode control algorithm
MA Costa, AP Braga, BR Menezes, RA Teixeira, GG Parma
Neurocomputing 51, 467-473, 2003
A multiobjective heuristic for reconfiguration of the electrical radial network
LSM Guedes, AC Lisboa, DAG Vieira, RR Saldanha
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery 28 (1), 311-319, 2012
Imposing steady-state performance on identified nonlinear polynomial models by means of constrained parameter estimation
LA Aguirre, MFS Barroso, RR Saldanha, E Mendes
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Finite element modeling of a synchronous machine: electromagnetic forces and mode shapes
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Using steady-state prior knowledge to constrain parameter estimates in nonlinear system identification
MV Corrêa, LA Aguirre, RR Saldanha
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Sensitivity analysis applied to decision making in multiobjective evolutionary optimization
SL Avila, AC Lisboa, L Krahenbuhl, WP Carpes, JA Vasconcelos, ...
IEEE Transactions on magnetics 42 (4), 1103-1106, 2006
Shape optimization of solenoid actuator using the finite element method and numerical optimization technique
SB Yoon, J Hur, YD Chun, DS Hyun
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 33 (5), 4140-4142, 1997
An object-oriented finite-element program for electromagnetic field computation
EJ Silva, RC Mesquita, RR Saldanha, PFM Palmeira
IEEE transactions on magnetics 30 (5), 3618-3621, 1994
A tabu search approach for the prize collecting traveling salesman problem
O Pedro, R Saldanha, R Camargo
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 41, 261-268, 2013
A multiobjective proposal for the TEAM benchmark problem 22
FG Guimarães, F Campelo, RR Saldanha, H Igarashi, RHC Takahashi, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 42 (4), 1471-1474, 2006
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