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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Four models of the physician-patient relationship
EJ Emanuel, LL Emanuel
Jama 267 (16), 2221-2226, 1992
Fair allocation of scarce medical resources in the time of Covid-19
EJ Emanuel, G Persad, R Upshur, B Thome, M Parker, A Glickman, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 382 (21), 2049-2055, 2020
What makes clinical research ethical?
EJ Emanuel, D Wendler, C Grady
Jama 283 (20), 2701-2711, 2000
Predicting the future—big data, machine learning, and clinical medicine
Z Obermeyer, EJ Emanuel
The New England journal of medicine 375 (13), 1216, 2016
Symptoms and suffering at the end of life in children with cancer
J Wolfe, HE Grier, N Klar, SB Levin, JM Ellenbogen, S Salem-Schatz, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 342 (5), 326-333, 2000
Interventions to improve research participants' understanding in informed consent for research: a systematic review
J Flory, E Emanuel
Jama 292 (13), 1593-1601, 2004
What makes clinical research in developing countries ethical? The benchmarks of ethical research
EJ Emanuel, D Wendler, J Killen, C Grady
Journal of infectious diseases 189 (5), 930-937, 2004
Advance directives for medical care—a case for greater use
LL Emanuel, MJ Barry, JD Stoeckle, LM Ettelson, EJ Emanuel
New England Journal of Medicine 324 (13), 889-895, 1991
Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions
G Persad, A Wertheimer, EJ Emanuel
The lancet 373 (9661), 423-431, 2009
Shared decision making to improve care and reduce costs
E Oshima Lee, EJ Emanuel
New England Journal of Medicine 368 (1), 6-8, 2013
Are racial and ethnic minorities less willing to participate in health research?
D Wendler, R Kington, J Madans, GV Wye, H Christ-Schmidt, LA Pratt, ...
PLoS medicine 3 (2), e19, 2006
Sponsorship, authorship, and accountability
F Davidoff, CD DeAngelis, JM Drazen, J Hoey, L Højgaard, R Horton, ...
The Lancet 358 (9285), 854-856, 2001
The MOOC phenomenon: Who takes massive open online courses and why?
G Christensen, A Steinmetz, B Alcorn, A Bennett, D Woods, E Emanuel
Available at SSRN 2350964, 2013
The promise of a good death
EJ Emanuel, LL Emanuel
The Lancet 351, SII21-SII29, 1998
Attitudes and practices of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the United States, Canada, and Europe
EJ Emanuel, BD Onwuteaka-Philipsen, JW Urwin, J Cohen
Jama 316 (1), 79-90, 2016
Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide: attitudes and experiences of oncology patients, oncologists, and the public
EJ Emanuel, ER Daniels, DL Fairclough, BR Clarridge
The Lancet 347 (9018), 1805-1810, 1996
Preserving the physician-patient relationship in the era of managed care
EJ Emanuel, NN Dubler
Jama 273 (4), 323-329, 1995
Understanding economic and other burdens of terminal illness: the experience of patients and their caregivers
EJ Emanuel, DL Fairclough, J Slutsman, LL Emanuel
Annals of internal medicine 132 (6), 451-459, 2000
The economics of dying--the illusion of cost savings at the end of life
EJ Emanuel, LL Emanuel
New England Journal of Medicine 330 (8), 540-544, 1994
Understanding of prognosis among parents of children who died of cancer: impact on treatment goals and integration of palliative care
J Wolfe, N Klar, HE Grier, J Duncan, S Salem-Schatz, EJ Emanuel, ...
Jama 284 (19), 2469-2475, 2000
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