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Lu Han
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Oxazine Ring-Related Vibrational Modes of Benzoxazine Monomers Using Fully Aromatically Substituted, Deuterated, 15N Isotope Exchanged, and Oxazine-Ring …
L Han, D Iguchi, P Gil, TR Heyl, VM Sedwick, CR Arza, S Ohashi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (33), 6269-6282, 2017
A Smart Latent Catalyst Containing o-Trifluoroacetamide Functional Benzoxazine: Precursor for Low Temperature Formation of Very High Performance …
K Zhang, L Han, P Froimowicz, H Ishida
Macromolecules 50 (17), 6552-6560, 2017
Smart, Sustainable, and Ecofriendly Chemical Design of Fully Bio‐Based Thermally Stable Thermosets Based on Benzoxazine Chemistry
P Froimowicz, C R. Arza, L Han, H Ishida
ChemSusChem 9 (15), 1921-1928, 2016
Intrinsic self‐initiating thermal ring‐opening polymerization of 1, 3‐benzoxazines without the influence of impurities using very high purity crystals
L Han, ML Salum, K Zhang, P Froimowicz, H Ishida
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 55 (20), 3434-3445, 2017
Making benzoxazines greener: design, synthesis, and polymerization of a biobased benzoxazine fulfilling two principles of green chemistry
ML Salum, D Iguchi, CR Arza, L Han, H Ishida, P Froimowicz
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (10), 13096-13106, 2018
Study of the effects of intramolecular and intermolecular hydrogen‐bonding systems on the polymerization of amide‐containing benzoxazines
L Han, K Zhang, H Ishida, P Froimowicz
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 218 (18), 1600562, 2017
Benzoxazine atropisomers: Intrinsic atropisomerization mechanism and conversion to high performance thermosets
K Zhang, Z Shang, CJ Evans, L Han, H Ishida, S Yang
Macromolecules 51 (19), 7574-7585, 2018
Resveratrol-based tri-functional benzoxazines: Synthesis, characterization, polymerization, and thermal and flame retardant properties
K Zhang, M Han, L Han, H Ishida
European Polymer Journal 116, 526-533, 2019
Hydrogen‐bonding characteristics and unique ring‐opening polymerization behavior of Ortho‐methylol functional benzoxazine
K Zhang, P Froimowicz, L Han, H Ishida
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 54 (22), 3635-3642, 2016
Synthesis, polymerization kinetics and thermal properties of para-methylol functional benzoxazine
K Zhang, L Han, P Froimowicz, H Ishida
Reactive and Functional Polymers 129, 23-28, 2018
Fabrication of superhydrophobic and superoleophilic polybenzoxazine-based cotton fabric for oil–water separation
Y Li, Q Yu, X Yin, J Xu, Y Cai, L Han, H Huang, Y Zhou, Y Tan, L Wang, ...
Cellulose 25 (11), 6691-6704, 2018
Design, synthesis, characterization, and polymerization of fused-ring naphthoxazine resins
CR Arza, P Froimowicz, L Han, R Graf, H Ishida
Macromolecules 50 (23), 9249-9256, 2017
Simultaneous enhancement of toughness, strength and superhydrophilicity of solvent-free microcrystalline cellulose fluids/poly (lactic acid) fibers fabricated via …
X Yin, Y Li, P Weng, Q Yu, L Han, J Xu, Y Zhou, Y Tan, L Wang, H Wang
Composites Science and Technology 167, 190-198, 2018
Synthesis and thermally induced structural transformation of phthalimide and nitrile-functionalized benzoxazine: Toward smart ortho-benzoxazine chemistry for low flammability …
K Zhang, Y Liu, L Han, J Wang, H Ishida
RSC advances 9 (3), 1526-1535, 2019
Functionalized magnesium hydroxide fluids/acrylate-coated hybrid cotton fabric with enhanced mechanical, flame retardant and shape-memory properties
P Weng, X Yin, S Yang, L Han, Y Tan, N Chen, D Chen, Y Zhou, L Wang, ...
Cellulose 25 (2), 1425-1436, 2018
Examining the effect of hydroxyl groups on the thermal properties of polybenzoxazines: using molecular design and Monte Carlo simulation
K Zhang, L Han, Y Nie, ML Szigeti, H Ishida
RSC advances 8 (32), 18038-18050, 2018
Enhanced wettability and moisture retention of cotton fabrics coated with self-suspended chitosan derivative
X Yin, P Weng, L Han, J Liu, Y Tan, D Chen, Y Zhou, S Li, L Wang, ...
Cellulose 25 (4), 2721-2732, 2018
Preparation of viscoelastic gel‐like halloysite hybrids and their application in halloysite/polystyrene composites
X Yin, P Weng, S Yang, L Han, Z Du, L Wang, Y Tan
Polymer International 66 (10), 1372-1381, 2017
Suspended carbon black fluids reinforcing and toughening of poly (vinyl alcohol) composites
X Yin, P Weng, S Yang, L Han, Y Tan, F Pan, D Chen, L Wang, J Qin, ...
Materials & Design 130, 37-47, 2017
Self-suspended starch fluids for simultaneously optimized toughness, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity of polylactic acid composite
Q Yu, Y Li, L Han, X Yin, J Xu, Y Zhou, D Chen, Z Du, L Wang, Y Tan
Composites Science and Technology 169, 76-85, 2019
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