Prof. Theodoros D. Tsiboukis
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Eddy currents: Theory and applications
EE Kriezis, TD Tsiboukis, SM Panas, JA Tegopoulos
Proceedings of the IEEE 80 (10), 1559-1589, 1992
Reduction of numerical dispersion in FDTD method through artificial anisotropy
JS Juntunen, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE Transactions on microwave Theory and Techniques 48 (4), 582-588, 2000
An approach to refining three‐dimensional tetrahedral meshes based on Delaunay transformations
NA Golias, TD Tsiboukis
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 37 (5), 793-812, 1994
Photonic crystal-liquid crystal fibers for single-polarization or high-birefringence guidance
DC Zografopoulos, EE Kriezis, TD Tsiboukis
Optics express 14 (2), 914-925, 2006
Optimal modeling of infinite graphene sheets via a class of generalized FDTD schemes
GD Bouzianas, NV Kantartzis, CS Antonopoulos, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE transactions on magnetics 48 (2), 379-382, 2012
Higher order FDTD schemes for waveguide and antenna structures
NV Kantartzis, TD Tsiboukis
Synthesis Lectures on Computational Electromagnetics 1 (1), 1-226, 2005
Inverse scattering using the finite-element method and a nonlinear optimization technique
IT Rekanos, TV Yioultsis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE Transactions on microwave theory and techniques 47 (3), 336-344, 1999
Dual finite-element calculations for static electric and magnetic fields
P Hammond, TD Tsiboukis
IEE Proceedings A (Physical Science, Measurement and Instrumentation …, 1983
Analysis of tunable photonic crystal devices comprising liquid crystal materials as defects
EP Kosmidou, EE Kriezis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 41 (5), 657-665, 2005
Low-dispersion algorithms based on the higher order (2, 4) FDTD method
TT Zygiridis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 52 (4), 1321-1327, 2004
A comparative study of the biological effects of various mobile phone and wireless LAN antennas
TV Yioultsis, TI Kosmanis, EP Kosmidou, TT Zygiridis, NV Kantartzis, ...
IEEE transactions on magnetics 38 (2), 777-780, 2002
Bone morphogenetic protein expression in newborn rat kidneys after prenatal exposure to radiofrequency radiation
A Pyrpasopoulou, V Kotoula, A Cheva, P Hytiroglou, E Nikolakaki, ...
Bioelectromagnetics: Journal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, The Society …, 2004
Tunable highly birefringent bandgap-guiding liquid-crystal microstructured fibers
DC Zografopoulos, EE Kriezis, TD Tsiboukis
Journal of lightwave technology 24 (9), 3427, 2006
Magnetostatics with edge elements: a numerical investigation in the choice of the tree
NA Golias, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE transactions on magnetics 30 (5), 2877-2880, 1994
Consistent study of graphene structures through the direct incorporation of surface conductivity
GD Bouzianas, NV Kantartzis, TV Yioultsis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE transactions on magnetics 50 (2), 161-164, 2014
Development and implementation of second and third order vector finite elements in various 3-D electromagnetic field problems
TV Yioultsis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 33 (2), 1812-1815, 1997
A finite element based technique for microwave imaging of two-dimensional objects
IT Rekanos, TD Tsiboukis
IMTC/99. Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement …, 1999
A robust method for the computation of Green's functions in stratified media
AG Polimeridis, TV Yioultsis, TD Tsiboukis
IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation 55 (7), 1963-1969, 2007
Analytical and numerical solution of the eddy-current problem in spherical coordinates based on the second-order vector potential formulation
TP Theodoulidis, NV Kantartzis, TD Tsiboukis, EE Kriezis
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 33 (4), 2461-2472, 1997
An FDTD algorithm for wave propagation in dispersive media using higher-order schemes
KP Prokopidis, EP Kosmidou, TD Tsiboukis
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 18 (9), 1171-1194, 2004
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