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Seffetullah Kuldas
Seffetullah Kuldas
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Malaysian adolescent students' needs for enhancing thinking skills, counteracting risk factors and demonstrating academic resilience
S Kuldas, S Hashim, HN Ismail
International journal of Adolescence and Youth 20 (1), 32-47, 2015
Friendship quality and gender differences in association with cyberbullying involvement and psychological well-being
M Foody, L McGuire, S Kuldas, J O'Higgins Norman
Frontiers in Psychology 10 (1773), 1-13, 2019
Neither Resiliency-Trait nor Resilience-State: Transactional Resiliency/e
S Kuldas, M Foody
Youth & Society 54 (8), 1352–1376, 2022
Unconscious learning processes: Mental integration of verbal and pictorial instructional materials
S Kuldas, HN Ismail, S Hashim, ZA Bakar
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Greater cognitive effort for better learning: Tailoring an instructional design for learners with different levels of knowledge and motivation
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Psychologica Belgica 54 (4), 350, 2014
Calling for the development of children's number sense in primary schools in Malaysia
S Kuldas, S Sinnakaudan, S Hashim, M Ghazali
Education 3-13 45 (5), 586-598, 2017
The unconscious allocation of cognitive resources to task-relevant and task-irrelevant thoughts.
S Kuldas, S Hashim, HN Ismail, MA Samsudin, ZA Bakar
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Reviewing the role of cognitive load, expertise level, motivation, and unconscious processing in working memory performance
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A review and content validation of 10 measurement scales for parental mediation of children’s Internet use
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Enabling pupils to conceive part-whole relations of numbers and develop number sense: Year one of primary schools in Malaysia
S Sinnakaudan, S Kuldas, S Hashim, M Ghazali
International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning 17 (3), 2016
The role of unconscious information processing in the acquisition and learning of instructional messages
S Kuldas, ZA Bakar, HN Ismail
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology 10 (2), 907-940, 2012
Children's Internet use, self-reported life satisfaction, and parental mediation in Europe: An analysis of the EU kids online dataset
T Milosevic, S Kuldas, A Sargioti, DA Laffan, J O'Higgins Norman
Frontiers in Psychology 12 (698176), 1-11, 2022
Ethnicity-based bullying: Suggestions for future research on classroom ethnic composition
S Kuldas, M Dupont, M Foody
In P. K. Smith & J. O'Higgins Norman (Eds.), The Wiley Blackwell handbook of …, 2021
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Computers in Human Behavior, 107651, 2023
A review of literature on at-risk adolescent students in Malaysia: Needing an academic resilience model
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SHS Web of Conferences 23, 2016
The need for an academic resilience approach to cognitive task performance of malaysian students in secondary schools and higher education.
S Kuldas, S Hashim, HN Ismail, MA Samsudin
Pertanika Journal of Social Science & Humanities 23 (3), 553-566, 2015
Do students need more motivational resources or more cognitive resources for better learning?
HN Ismail, S Kuldas, A Hamzah
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 97, 325-332, 2013
What is called "Self" in educational research and practice?
S Kuldas, S Bulut
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Does ethnicity of victims and bullies really matter? Suggestions for further research on intra-ethnic bullying/victimisation
S Kuldas, M Foody, J O’Higgins Norman
International Journal of Bullying Prevention, 1-12, 2021
An academic resilience scale and model for Malaysian adolescents
S Kuldas
(Doctoral dissertation, Universiti Sains Malaysia). USM Repository. http …, 2018
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