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Hakam Tiba
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Comparison of a new hemostatic agent to current combat hemostatic agents in a swine model of lethal extremity arterial hemorrhage
KR Ward, MH Tiba, WH Holbert, CR Blocher, GT Draucker, EK Proffitt, ...
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 63 (2), 276-284, 2007
Fantasy sports auction system
G Del Prado
US Patent App. 10/314,532, 2004
Oxygen transport characterization of a human model of progressive hemorrhage
KR Ward, MH Tiba, KL Ryan, IP Torres Filho, CA Rickards, T Witten, ...
Resuscitation 81 (8), 987-993, 2010
Systemic responses to prolonged hemorrhagic hypotension
LN Torres, IPT Filho, RW Barbee, MH Tiba, KR Ward, RN Pittman
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 286 (5 …, 2004
Resonance Raman spectroscopy: a new technology for tissue oxygenation monitoring
KR Ward, I Torres Filho, RW Barbee, L Torres, MH Tiba, PS Reynolds, ...
Critical care medicine 34 (3), 792-799, 2006
IP, Rickards CA, Witten T, Soller BR, Ludwig DA, Convertino VA. Oxygen transport characterization of a human model of progressive hemorrhage
KR Ward, MH Tiba, KL Ryan Filho
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Oxygenation monitoring of tissue vasculature by resonance Raman spectroscopy
KR Ward, RW Barbee, PS Reynolds, IP Torres Filho, MH Tiba, L Torres, ...
Analytical chemistry 79 (4), 1514-1518, 2007
Tissue oxygenation monitoring using resonance Raman spectroscopy during hemorrhage
MH Tiba, GT Draucker, RW Barbee, J Terner, I Torres Filho, P Romfh, ...
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 76 (2), 402-408, 2014
A new noninvasive method to determine central venous pressure
KR Ward, MH Tiba, RW Barbee, RR Ivatury, JA Arrowood, BD Spiess, ...
Resuscitation 70 (2), 238-246, 2006
A novel noninvasive impedance-based technique for central venous pressure measurement
KR Ward, MH Tiba, GT Draucker, EK Proffitt, RW Barbee, KJ Gunnerson, ...
Shock 33 (3), 269-273, 2010
Image processing and machine learning for diagnostic analysis of microcirculation
S Demir, N Mirshahi, MH Tiba, G Draucker, K Ward, R Hobson, K Najarian
2009 ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering, 1-5, 2009
Effects of a combination hemoglobin based oxygen carrier–hypertonic saline solution on oxygen transport in the treatment of traumatic shock
B Leong, PS Reynolds, MH Tiba, WH Holbert, GT Draucker, JA Medina, ...
Resuscitation 82 (7), 937-943, 2011
Extraction of respiratory rate from impedance signal measured on arm: A portable respiratory rate measurement device
S Ansari, K Najarian, K Ward, MH Tiba
2009 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, 197-202, 2009
Whole blood redox potential correlates with progressive accumulation of oxygen debt and acts as a marker of resuscitation in a swine hemorrhagic shock model
RC Daniels, H Jun, MH Tiba, B McCracken, P Herrera-Fierro, M Collinson, ...
Shock (Augusta, Ga.) 49 (3), 345, 2018
Continuous Inferior Vena Cava Diameter Tracking through an Iterative Kanade–Lucas–Tomasi-Based Algorithm
B Belmont, R Kessler, N Theyyunni, C Fung, R Huang, M Cover, KR Ward, ...
Ultrasound in medicine & biology 44 (12), 2793-2801, 2018
T., Soller, BR, Ludwig, DA, and Convertino, VA (2010). Oxygen transport characterization of a human model of progressive hemorrhage
KR Ward, MH Tiba, KL Ryan Filho, R IP, W CA
Resuscitation 81, 987-993, 0
Use of resuscitative balloon occlusion of the aorta in a swine model of prolonged cardiac arrest
MH Tiba, BM McCracken, BC Cummings, CI Colmenero, CJ Rygalski, ...
Resuscitation 140, 106-112, 2019
Simplifying Arterial Coupling in Microsurgery—A Preclinical Assessment of an Everter Device to Aid with Arterial Anastomosis
IC Sando, JS Plott, BM McCracken, MH Tiba, KR Ward, JH Kozlow, ...
Journal of reconstructive microsurgery 34 (06), 420-427, 2018
Chronic implantation of transit-time flow probes on the ascending aorta of rodents
L Smith, MH Tiba, ME Goldberg, RW Barbee
Laboratory animals 38 (4), 362-370, 2004
Intrastate variation in treatment and outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
RA Coute, TA Shields, JA Cranford, S Ansari, M Abir, MH Tiba, R Dunne, ...
Prehospital Emergency Care 22 (6), 743-752, 2018
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