Thanyalak Chaisuwan
Thanyalak Chaisuwan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Porous structure of polybenzoxazine-based organic aerogel prepared by sol–gel process and their carbon aerogels
P Lorjai, T Chaisuwan, S Wongkasemjit
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 52 (1), 56-64, 2009
High‐performance maleimide and nitrile‐functionalized benzoxazines with good processibility for advanced composites applications
T Chaisuwan, H Ishida
Journal of applied polymer science 101 (1), 548-558, 2006
Removal of heavy metals from model wastewater by using polybenzoxazine aerogel
T Chaisuwan, T Komalwanich, S Luangsukrerk, S Wongkasemjit
Desalination 256 (1-3), 108-114, 2010
Release of monomeric sugars from Miscanthus sinensis by microwave-assisted ammonia and phosphoric acid treatments
P Boonmanumsin, S Treeboobpha, K Jeamjumnunja, ...
Bioresource technology 103 (1), 425-431, 2012
Preparation of polybenzoxazine foam and its transformation to carbon foam
P Lorjai, S Wongkasemjit, T Chaisuwan
Materials Science and Engineering: A 527 (1-2), 77-84, 2009
Mechanical property improvement of carbon fiber reinforced polybenzoxazine by rubber interlayer
H Ishida, T Chaisuwan
Polymer composites 24 (5), 597-607, 2003
Comparative potentiality of Kans grass (Saccharum spontaneum) and Giant reed (Arundo donax) as lignocellulosic feedstocks for the release of monomeric sugars by microwave …
T Komolwanich, P Tatijarern, S Prasertwasu, D Khumsupan, T Chaisuwan, ...
Cellulose 21 (3), 1327-1340, 2014
Development of polybenzoxazine membranes for ethanol–water separation via pervaporation
K Pakkethati, A Boonmalert, T Chaisuwan, S Wongkasemjit
Desalination 267 (1), 73-81, 2011
Significant enhancement of thermal stability in the non-oxidative thermal degradation of bisphenol-A/aniline based polybenzoxazine aerogel
P Lorjai, S Wongkasemjit, T Chaisuwan, AM Jamieson
Polymer degradation and stability 96 (4), 708-718, 2011
Highly processible maleimide and nitrile functionalized benzoxazines for advanced composites applications
T Chaisuwan, H Ishida
Journal of applied polymer science 117 (5), 2559-2565, 2010
Synthesis and characterization of Zr incorporation into highly ordered mesostructured SBA-15 material and its performance for CO2 adsorption
C Thunyaratchatanon, A Luengnaruemitchai, T Chaisuwan, N Chollacoop, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 253, 18-28, 2017
Tuning pore characteristics of porous carbon monoliths prepared from rubber wood waste treated with H3PO4 or NaOH and their potential as supercapacitor …
U Thubsuang, S Laebang, N Manmuanpom, S Wongkasemjit, ...
Journal of Materials Science 52 (11), 6837-6855, 2017
Efficient process for ethanol production from Thai Mission grass (Pennisetum polystachion)
S Prasertwasu, D Khumsupan, T Komolwanich, T Chaisuwan, ...
Bioresource technology 163, 152-159, 2014
Achievement of hydrogen production from autothermal steam reforming of methanol over Cu-loaded mesoporous CeO2 and Cu-loaded mesoporous CeO2–ZrO2 catalysts
S Jampa, AM Jamieson, T Chaisuwan, A Luengnaruemitchai, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (22), 15073-15084, 2017
Novel template confinement derived from polybenzoxazine-based carbon xerogels for synthesis of ZSM-5 nanoparticles via microwave irradiation
U Thubsuang, H Ishida, S Wongkasemjit, T Chaisuwan
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 156, 7-15, 2012
Synthesis of MCM-48 from silatrane via sol–gel process
R Longloilert, T Chaisuwan, A Luengnaruemitchai, S Wongkasemjit
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 58 (2), 427-435, 2011
Highly sensitive room temperature organic vapor sensor based on polybenzoxazine-derived carbon aerogel thin film composite
U Thubsuang, D Sukanan, S Sahasithiwat, S Wongkasemjit, T Chaisuwan
Materials Science and Engineering: B 200, 67-77, 2015
High performance and stability of copper loading on mesoporous ceria catalyst for preferential oxidation of CO in presence of excess of hydrogen
S Jampa, K Wangkawee, S Tantisriyanurak, J Changpradit, AM Jamieson, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (8), 5537-5548, 2017
Impressive low reduction temperature of synthesized mesoporous ceria via nanocasting
C Deeprasertkul, R Longloilert, T Chaisuwan, S Wongkasemjit
Materials Letters 130, 218-222, 2014
Advanced and economical ambient drying method for controlled mesopore polybenzoxazine-based carbon xerogels: Effects of non-ionic and cationic surfactant on porous structure
U Thubsuang, H Ishida, S Wongkasemjit, T Chaisuwan
Journal of colloid and interface science 459, 241-249, 2015
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