Hakan Altincay
Hakan Altincay
Professor of Computer Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Analytical evaluation of term weighting schemes for text categorization
H Altınçay, Z Erenel
Pattern Recognition Letters 31 (11), 1310-1323, 2010
An information theoretic framework for weight estimation in the combination of probabilistic classifiers for speaker identification
H Altınçay, M Demirekler
Speech Communication 30 (4), 255-272, 2000
Speaker identification by combining multiple classifiers using Dempster–Shafer theory of evidence
H Altınçay, M Demirekler
Speech Communication 41 (4), 531-547, 2003
Plurality voting-based multiple classifier systems: statistically independent with respect to dependent classifier sets
M Demrekler, H Altinçay
Pattern Recognition 35 (11), 2365-2379, 2002
On naive Bayesian fusion of dependent classifiers
H Altınçay
Pattern Recognition Letters 26 (15), 2463-2473, 2005
On the independence requirement in Dempster-Shafer theory for combining classifiers providing statistical evidence
H Altınçay
Applied Intelligence 25 (1), 73-90, 2006
Ensembling evidential k-nearest neighbor classifiers through multi-modal perturbation
H Altınçay
Applied Soft Computing 7 (3), 1072-1083, 2007
A novel framework for termset selection and weighting in binary text classification
D Badawi, H Altınçay
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 35, 38-53, 2014
Nonlinear transformation of term frequencies for term weighting in text categorization
Z Erenel, H Altınçay
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 25 (7), 1505-1514, 2012
Decision trees using model ensemble-based nodes
H Altınçay
Pattern recognition 40 (12), 3540-3551, 2007
Clustering based under-sampling for improving speaker verification decisions using AdaBoost
H Altınçay, C Ergün
Joint IAPR International Workshops on Statistical Techniques in Pattern …, 2004
Undesirable effects of output normalization in multiple classifier systems
H Altınçay, M Demirekler
Pattern Recognition Letters 24 (9-10), 1163-1170, 2003
Optimal resampling and classifier prototype selection in classifier ensembles using genetic algorithms
H Altinçay
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Explicit Use of Term Occurrence Probabilities for Term Weighting in Text Categorization.
Z Erenel, H Altinçay, E Varoglu
J. Inf. Sci. Eng. 27 (3), 819-834, 2011
Classifier subset selection for biomedical named entity recognition
N Dimililer, E Varoğlu, H Altınçay
Applied Intelligence 31 (3), 267-282, 2009
Why does output normalization create problems in multiple classifier systems?
H Altincay, M Demirekler
Object recognition supported by user interaction for service robots 2, 775-778, 2002
Imbalance learning using heterogeneous ensembles
HG Zefrehi, H Altınçay
Expert Systems with Applications 142, 113005, 2020
A genetic algorithm with multiple crossover operators for optimal frequency assignment problem
A Acan, H Altincay, Y Tekol, A Unveren
The 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2003. CEC'03. 1, 256-263, 2003
Vote-based classifier selection for biomedical NER using genetic algorithms
N Dimililer, E Varoğlu, H Altınçay
Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 202-209, 2007
A dempster-shafer theoretic framework for boosting based ensemble design
H Altınçay
Pattern analysis and applications 8 (3), 287-302, 2005
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