Dan Popa
Dan Popa
Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering, Univ. Of Louisville
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optimal and robust estimation: with an introduction to stochastic control theory
FL Lewis, L Xie, D Popa
CRC press, 2017
Micro and mesoscale robotic assembly
DO Popa, HE Stephanou
Journal of manufacturing processes 6 (1), 52-71, 2004
Open-loop versus closed-loop control of MEMS devices: choices and issues
B Borovic, AQ Liu, D Popa, H Cai, FL Lewis
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An analysis of some fundamental problems in adaptive control of force and impedance behavior: Theory and experiments
SK Singh, DO Popa
IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 11 (6), 912-921, 1995
Optimized assistive human–robot interaction using reinforcement learning
H Modares, I Ranatunga, FL Lewis, DO Popa
IEEE transactions on cybernetics 46 (3), 655-667, 2015
Robotic deployment of sensor networks using potential fields
DO Popa, HE Stephanou, C Helm, AC Sanderson
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings …, 2004
Adaptive sampling algorithms for multiple autonomous underwater vehicles
DO Popa, AC Sanderson, RJ Komerska, SS Mupparapu, DR Blidberg, ...
2004 IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (IEEE Cat. No. 04CH37578), 108-118, 2004
μ3: Multiscale, Deterministic Micro-Nano Assembly System for Construction of On-Wafer Microrobots
AN Das, P Zhang, WH Lee, D Popa, H Stephanou
Proceedings 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation …, 2007
A multiscale assembly and packaging system for manufacturing of complex micro-nano devices
AN Das, R Murthy, DO Popa, HE Stephanou
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 9 (1), 160-170, 2011
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Adaptive admittance control for human–robot interaction using model reference design and adaptive inverse filtering
I Ranatunga, FL Lewis, DO Popa, SM Tousif
IEEE transactions on control systems technology 25 (1), 278-285, 2016
Reconfigurable micro-assembly system for photonics applications
D Popa, BH Kang, J Sin, J Zou
Proceedings 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation …, 2002
Data-logging and supervisory control in wireless sensor networks
AN Das, DO Popa, PM Ballal, FL Lewis
International Journal of Sensor Networks 6 (1), 13-27, 2009
The lateral instability problem in electrostatic comb drive actuators: modeling and feedback control
B Borovic, FL Lewis, AQ Liu, ES Kolesar, D Popa
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Y Tadesse, S Priya, H Stephanou, D Popa, D Hanson
Ferroelectrics 345 (1), 13-25, 2006
Model reference adaptive impedance control for physical human-robot interaction
B Alqaudi, H Modares, I Ranatunga, SM Tousif, FL Lewis, DO Popa
Control Theory and Technology 14 (1), 68-82, 2016
M3-deterministic, multiscale, multirobot platform for microsystems packaging: Design and quasi-static precision evaluation
DO Popa, R Murthy, AN Das
IEEE transactions on automation science and engineering 6 (2), 345-361, 2009
Intent aware adaptive admittance control for physical human-robot interaction
I Ranatunga, S Cremer, DO Popa, FL Lewis
2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 5635-5640, 2015
Experimental path loss models for wireless sensor networks
RP Sawant, Q Liang, DO Popa, FL Lewis
MILCOM 2007-IEEE Military Communications Conference, 1-7, 2007
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