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Dirk Görlich
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Transport between the cell nucleus and the cytoplasm
D Görlich, U Kutay
Annual review of cell and developmental biology 15 (1), 607-660, 1999
Exportin 5 is a RanGTP-dependent dsRNA-binding protein that mediates nuclear export of pre-miRNAs
MT Bohnsack, K Czaplinski, D GÖRLICH
RNA 10 (2), 185-191, 2004
Nucleocytoplasmic transport
D Görlich, IW Mattaj
Science 271, 1513-1518, 1997
Isolation of a protein that is essential for the first step of nuclear protein import
D Görlich, S Prehn, RA Laskey, E Hartmann
Cell 79, 767-778, 1994
Kinetic analysis of translocation through nuclear pore complexes
K Ribbeck, D Görlich
The EMBO journal 20 (6), 1320-1330, 2001
Protein translocation into proteoliposomes reconstituted from purified components of the endoplasmic reticulum membrane
D Görlich, TA Rapoport
Cell 75 (4), 615-630, 1993
Export of importin α from the nucleus is mediated by a specific nuclear transport factor
U Kutay, FR Bischoff, S Kostka, R Kraft, D Görlich
Cell 90 (6), 1061-1071, 1997
Identification of different roles for RanGDP and RanGTP in nuclear protein import.
D Görlich, N Pante, U Kutay, U Aebi, FR Bischoff
The EMBO journal 15 (20), 5584-5594, 1996
The asymmetric distribution of the constituents of the Ran system is essential for transport into and out of the nucleus
E Izaurralde, U Kutay, C von Kobbe, IW Mattaj, D Görlich
The EMBO journal 16 (21), 6535-6547, 1997
Two different subunits of importin cooperate to recognize nuclear localization signals and bind them to the nuclear envelope
D Görlich, S Kostka, R Kraft, C Dingwall, RA Laskey, E Hartmann, S Prehn
Current Biology 5 (4), 383-392, 1995
Importin β, transportin, RanBP5 and RanBP7 mediate nuclear import of ribosomal proteins in mammalian cells
S Jäkel, D Görlich
The EMBO Journal 17 (15), 4491-4502, 1998
NTF2 mediates nuclear import of Ran
K Ribbeck, G Lipowsky, HM Kent, M Stewart, D Görlich
The EMBO journal 17 (22), 6587-6598, 1998
Distinct functions for the two importin subunits in nuclear protein import
D Görlich, F Vogel, AD Mills, E Hartmann, RA Laskey
Nature 377 (6546), 246-248, 1995
The permeability barrier of nuclear pore complexes appears to operate via hydrophobic exclusion
K Ribbeck, D Görlich
The EMBO journal 21 (11), 2664-2671, 2002
A mammalian homolog of SEC61p and SECYp is associated with ribosomes and nascent polypeptides during translocation
D Görlich, S Prehn, E Hartmann, KU Kalies, TA Rapoport
Cell 71 (3), 489-503, 1992
FG-rich repeats of nuclear pore proteins form a three-dimensional meshwork with hydrogel-like properties
S Frey, RP Richter, D Görlich
Science 314 (5800), 815-817, 2006
A novel class of RanGTP binding proteins
D Görlich, M Dabrowski, FR Bischoff, U Kutay, P Bork, E Hartmann, ...
The Journal of Cell Biology 138, 65-80, 1997
A 41 amino acid motif in importin‐alpha confers binding to importin‐beta and hence transit into the nucleus.
D Görlich, P Henklein, RA Laskey, E Hartmann
The EMBO journal 15 (8), 1810-1817, 1996
Identification of a tRNA-specific nuclear export receptor
U Kutay, G Lipowsky, E Izaurralde, FR Bischoff, P Schwarzmaier, ...
Molecular Cell 1 (3), 359-369, 1998
A saturated FG-repeat hydrogel can reproduce the permeability properties of nuclear pore complexes
S Frey, D Görlich
Cell 130 (3), 512-523, 2007
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