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Khalil Khanafer
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Buoyancy-driven heat transfer enhancement in a two-dimensional enclosure utilizing nanofluids
K Khanafer, K Vafai, M Lightstone
International journal of heat and mass transfer 46 (19), 3639-3653, 2003
A critical synthesis of thermophysical characteristics of nanofluids
K Khanafer, K Vafai
International journal of heat and mass transfer 54 (19–20), 4410-4428, 2011
Mixed convection flow in a lid-driven enclosure filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium
KM Khanafer, AJ Chamkha
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 42 (13), 2465-2481, 1999
A review on the applications of nanofluids in solar energy field
K Khanafer, K Vafai
Renewable energy 123, 398-406, 2018
Effects of strain rate, mixing ratio, and stress–strain definition on the mechanical behavior of the polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) material as related to its biological applications
K Khanafer, A Duprey, M Schlicht, R Berguer
Biomedical microdevices 11, 503-508, 2009
The effect of radiation on free convection flow of fluid with variable viscosity from a porous vertical plate
MA Hossain, K Khanafer, K Vafai
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 40 (2), 115-124, 2001
Tear size and location impacts false lumen pressure in an ex vivo model of chronic type B aortic dissection
TT Tsai, MS Schlicht, K Khanafer, JL Bull, DT Valassis, DM Williams, ...
Journal of vascular surgery 47 (4), 844-851, 2008
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O Manca, S Nardini, K Khanafer, K Vafai
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Laminar mixed convection flow and heat transfer characteristics in a lid driven cavity with a circular cylinder
K Khanafer, SM Aithal
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Double-diffusive mixed convection in a lid-driven enclosure filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium
K Khanafer, K Vafai
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AJ Chamkha, C Issa, K Khanafer
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In vitro characterisation of physiological and maximum elastic modulus of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms using uniaxial tensile testing
A Duprey, K Khanafer, M Schlicht, S Avril, D Williams, R Berguer
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Numerical simulation of combined thermal and mass transport in a square lid-driven cavity
AM Al-Amiri, KM Khanafer, I Pop
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Organization of Endothelial Cells, Pericytes, and Astrocytes into a 3D Microfluidic in Vitro Model of the Blood–Brain Barrier
JD Wang, ES Khafagy, K Khanafer, S Takayama, MEH ElSayed
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KM Khanafer, AJ Chamkha
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A Applications 33 (8), 891-910, 1998
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