Hakan Karabagli
Hakan Karabagli
Professor of Neurosurgery
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Comparison of the expression patterns of several fibroblast growth factors during chick gastrulation and neurulation
H Karabagli, P Karabagli, RK Ladher, GC Schoenwolf
Anatomy and embryology 205 (5-6), 365-370, 2002
Expression of mouse fibroblast growth factor and fibroblast growth factor receptor genes during early inner ear development
TJ Wright, EP Hatch, H Karabagli, P Karabagli, GC Schoenwolf, ...
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2003
Survey of fibroblast growth factor expression during chick organogenesis
H Karabagli, P Karabagli, RK Ladher, GC Schoenwolf
The Anatomical Record: An Official Publication of the American Association …, 2002
Accuracy of fluoroscopically-assisted pedicle screw placement: analysis of 1,218 screws in 198 patients
E Koktekir, D Ceylan, N Tatarli, H Karabagli, F Recber, G Akdemir
The Spine Journal 14 (8), 1702-1708, 2014
Success of pure neuroendoscopic technique in the treatment of Sylvian arachnoid cysts in children
H Karabagli, V Etus
Child's Nervous System 28 (3), 445-452, 2012
Revisions for screw malposition and clinical outcomes after robot-guided lumbar fusion for spondylolisthesis
ML Schröder, VE Staartjes
Neurosurgical focus 42 (5), E12, 2017
Outcomes of gamma knife treatment for solid intracranial hemangioblastomas
H Karabagli, A Genc, P Karabagli, U Abacioglu, A Seker, T Kilic
Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 17 (6), 706-710, 2010
Congenital supratentorial cystic hemangioblastoma: Case report and review of the literature
H Karabagli, P Karabagli, A Alpman, B Durmaz
Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics 107 (6), 515-518, 2007
Spontaneous movement of bullets in the interhemispheric region
H Karabagli
Pediatric neurosurgery 41 (3), 148-150, 2005
Prediction of prognosis in patients with epidural hematoma by a new stereological method
E Kalkan, B Cander, M Gul, S Girisgin, H Karabagli, B Sahin
The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 211 (3), 235-242, 2007
Is there any seasonal influence in spontaneous bleeding of intracranial aneurysm and and/or AVM in Istanbul?
T Hakan, O Kizilkilic, I Adaletli, H Karabagli, N Kocer, C Islak
Swiss medical weekly 133 (1718), 2003
Is the use of topical fluorescein helpful for management of CSF leakage?
K Ozturk, H Karabagli, S Bulut, M Egilmez, M Duran
The Laryngoscope 122 (6), 1215-1218, 2012
Comparison of spinal and general anesthesia in lumbar disc surgery.
I Kara, JB Celik, B Oc, S Apillioğullari, H Karabagli
Journal of Neurological Sciences 28 (4), 2011
Currarino syndrome: report of five consecutive patients
S Duru, H Karabagli, E Turkoglu, Y Erşahin
Child's Nervous System 30 (3), 547-552, 2014
Early endoscopic ventricular irrigation for the treatment of neonatal posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus: a feasible treatment option or not? A multicenter study
V Etus, G Kahilogullari, H Karabagli, A Unlu
Turk Neurosurg 28 (1), 137-141, 2018
Third ventricle floor variations and abnormalities in myelomeningocele-associated hydrocephalus: our experience with 455 endoscopic third ventriculostomy procedures
V Etus, TM Guler, H Karabagli
Turk Neurosurg 27 (5), 768-771, 2017
A new stereological method for the assessment (prediction) of prognosis in patients with epidural hematoma: the hematoma to total brain volume fraction
E Kalkan, B Cander, M Gul, H Karabagli, S Girisgin, B Sahin
Tohoku J. Exp. Med 211, 235-242, 2007
Aggressive rhabdoid meningioma with osseous, papillary and chordoma‐like appearance
P Karabagli, H Karabagli, G Yavas
Neuropathology 34 (5), 475-483, 2014
Desmoplastic non-infantile astrocytic tumor with BRAF V600E mutation
P Karabagli, H Karabagli, D Kose, N Kocak, V Etus, Y Koksal
Brain tumor pathology 31 (4), 282-288, 2014
Congenital cranial and spinal dermal sinuses: A report of 3 cases
E Kalkan, H Karabagli, P Karabagli, A Baysefer
Advances in therapy 23 (4), 543-548, 2006
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