Wei Feng
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
MOD-DR: Microgrid optimal dispatch with demand response
M Jin, W Feng, P Liu, C Marnay, C Spanos
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Microgrid to enable optimal distributed energy retail and end-user demand response
M Jin, W Feng, C Marnay, C Spanos
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T Huo, H Ren, X Zhang, W Cai, W Feng, N Zhou, X Wang
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Data and analytics to inform energy retrofit of high performance buildings
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Robust optimization for energy transactions in multi-microgrids under uncertainty
B Zhang, Q Li, L Wang, W Feng
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Scenarios of energy efficiency and CO 2 emissions reduction potential in the buildings sector in China to year 2050
N Zhou, N Khanna, W Feng, J Ke, M Levine
Nature Energy 3 (11), 978-984, 2018
A simulation-based efficiency comparison of AC and DC power distribution networks in commercial buildings
DL Gerber, V Vossos, W Feng, C Marnay, B Nordman, R Brown
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Comparative study of commercial building energy-efficiency retrofit policies in four pilot cities in China
J Hou, Y Liu, Y Wu, N Zhou, W Feng
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Energy efficiency outlook in China’s urban buildings sector through 2030
MA McNeil, W Feng, SR du Can, NZ Khanna, J Ke, N Zhou
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A review of microgrid development in the United States–A decade of progress on policies, demonstrations, controls, and software tools
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Optimal deployment of thermal energy storage under diverse economic and climate conditions
N DeForest, G Mendes, M Stadler, W Feng, J Lai, C Marnay
Applied energy 119, 488-496, 2014
A roadmap for China to peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve a 20% share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy by 2030
N Zhou, L Price, D Yande, J Creyts, N Khanna, D Fridley, H Lu, W Feng, ...
Applied Energy 239, 793-819, 2019
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A review of net zero energy buildings in hot and humid climates: Experience learned from 34 case study buildings
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China's building stock estimation and energy intensity analysis
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Cascade energy optimization for waste heat recovery in distributed energy systems
X Wang, M Jin, W Feng, G Shu, H Tian, Y Liang
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Measures to enforce mandatory civil building energy efficiency codes in China
Q Guo, Y Wu, Y Ding, W Feng, N Zhu
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Effect factors of part-load performance for various Organic Rankine cycles using in engine waste heat recovery
X Wang, G Shu, H Tian, W Feng, P Liu, X Li
Energy Conversion and Management 174, 504-515, 2018
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