Istrate Bogdan
Istrate Bogdan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
B Istrate, D Mareci, C Munteanu, S Stanciu, CI Crimu, LC Trinca, E Kamel
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 15 (5), 2016
Comparative electrochemical behaviour, of uncoated and coated Ni Ti, for dental orthodontic wires
D Mareci, K Earar, I Zetu, G Bolat, C Crimu, B Istrate, C Munteanu, ...
Mat. Plast 52, 150-153, 2015
In vivo degradation behavior and biological activity of some new Mg–Ca alloys with concentration's gradient of Si for bone grafts
LC Trincă, M Fântânariu, C Solcan, AE Trofin, L Burtan, DM Acatrinei, ...
Applied Surface Science 352, 140-150, 2015
Comparative study of a drug release from a textile to skin
CD Radu, O Parteni, M Popa, IE Muresan, L Ochiuz, L Bulgariu, ...
J Pharm Drug Deliv Res 4, 2, 2015
Influence of ZrO2-Y2O3 and ZrO2-CaO coatings on microstructural and mechanical properties on Mg-1, 3Ca-5, 5Zr biodegradable alloy
B Istrate, C Munteanu, MN Matei, B Oprisan, D Chicet, K Earar
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 133 (1), 012010, 2016
Characterization of some master Mg-X System (Ca, Mn, Zr, Y) alloys used in medical applications
S Lupescu, B Istrate, C Munteanu, MG Minciuna, S Focsaneanu, K Earar
Rev. Chim 68 (6), 1408-1413, 2017
Morphological and tribological aspects of some ZrO2 coatings on Mg-Ca biodegradable alloys
I Bogdan, M Corneliu, C Carmen-Iulia, SS Iacob, B Marcelin, E Kamel
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2016
In vitro electrochemical properties of biodegradable ZrO2-CaO coated MgCa alloy using atmospheric plasma spraying
B Istrate, D Mareci, C Munteanu, S Stanciu, D Luca, CI Crimu, E Kamel
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 17 (July-August 2015 …, 2015
Properties of Al2O3 and NiAlSi coatings obtained by atmospheric plasma spraying on 34CrNiMo6 substrate
P Avram, MS Imbrea, B Istrate, SI Strugaru, M Benchea, C Munteanu
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2014
Electrochemical Behavior of Biodegradable FeMnSi–MgCa Alloy
N Cimpoeşu, F Săndulache, B Istrate, R Cimpoeşu, G Zegan
Metals 8 (7), 541, 2018
The influence of ZrO2/20% Y2O3 and Al2O3 deposited coatings to the behavior of an aluminum alloy subjected to mechanical shock
GL Pintilei, VI Crismaru, M Abrudeanu, C Munteanu, D Luca, B Istrate
Applied Surface Science 352, 169-177, 2015
Controlling and monitoring of welding parameters for micro-alloyed steel pipes produced by high frequency electric welding
P Simion, V Dia, B Istrate, C Munteanu
Advanced Materials Research 1036, 464-469, 2014
A study of martensite formation in powder metallurgy Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni shape memory alloys
B Pricop, U Söyler, B Özkal, MG Suru, NM Lohan, RI Comăneci, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 2, S789-S792, 2015
Preliminary results of FeMnSi+ Si (PLD) alloy degradation
M Rațoi, G Dascălu, T Stanciu, SO Gurlui, S Stanciu, B Istrate, ...
Key Engineering Materials 638, 117-122, 2015
Powder metallurgy and mechanical alloying effects on the formation of thermally induced martensite in an FeMnSiCrNi SMA
B Pricop, E Mihalache, MN Lohan, B Istrate, M Mocanu, B Ozkal, ...
Matec web of conferences 33, 04004, 2015
Electro-chemical Corrosion of a Cast Iron Protected with a Al2O3 Ceramic Layer
C Bejinariu, C Munteanu, CD Florea, B Istrate, N Cimpoesu, A Alexandru, ...
Revista de Chimie 69 (12), 3586-3589, 2018
Chemical composition influence on microhardness, microstructure and phase morphology of AlxCrFeCoNi high entropy alloys
V Geanta, I Voiculescu, I Milosan, B Istrate, IM Mates
Revista de Chimie 69 (4), 798-801, 2018
Factors influencing martensite transitions in Fe-based shape memory alloys
E Mihalache, B Pricop, MG Suru, NM Lohan, RI Comăneci, B Istrate, ...
MATEC Web of Conferences 33, 04002, 2015
Chemical and micro-structural characterization of a copper based shape memory alloy
I Cimpoesu, S Stanciu, N Cimpoesu, C Munteanu, B Istrate, AU Dragos, ...
Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials 15, 1392-1398, 2013
Effect of thermal oxidation on electrochemical corrosion behaviour of ZrTi alloys for dental applications
D Mareci, G Bolat, B Istrate, C Munteanu, A Cailean
Materials and Corrosion 66 (12), 1529-1535, 2015
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