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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A type I collagen defect leads to rapidly progressive osteoarthritis in a mouse model
JM Blair-Levy, CE Watts, NM Fiorentino, EK Dimitriadis, JC Marini, ...
Arthritis Rheumatism 58 (4), 1096-106, 2008
Musculotendon variability influences tissue strains experienced by the biceps femoris long head muscle during high-speed running
NM Fiorentino, SS Blemker
Journal of biomechanics 47 (13), 3325-3333, 2014
Activation and aponeurosis morphology affect in vivo muscle tissue strains near the myotendinous junction
NM Fiorentino, FH Epstein, SS Blemker
Journal of biomechanics 45 (4), 647-652, 2012
Accuracy and feasibility of high-speed dual fluoroscopy and model-based tracking to measure in vivo ankle arthrokinematics
B Wang, KE Roach, AL Kapron, NM Fiorentino, CL Saltzman, M Singer, ...
Gait & posture 41 (4), 888-893, 2015
Adding muscle where you need it: non‐uniform hypertrophy patterns in elite sprinters
GG Handsfield, KR Knaus, NM Fiorentino, CH Meyer, JM Hart, ...
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 27 (10), 1050-1060, 2017
Accuracy of functional and predictive methods to calculate the hip joint center in young non-pathologic asymptomatic adults with dual fluoroscopy as a reference standard
NM Fiorentino, MJ Kutschke, PR Atkins, KB Foreman, AL Kapron, ...
Annals of biomedical engineering 44 (7), 2168-2180, 2016
Soft tissue artifact causes significant errors in the calculation of joint angles and range of motion at the hip
NM Fiorentino, PR Atkins, MJ Kutschke, JM Goebel, KB Foreman, ...
Gait & posture 55, 184-190, 2017
In-vivo quantification of dynamic hip joint center errors and soft tissue artifact
NM Fiorentino, PR Atkins, MJ Kutschke, KB Foreman, AE Anderson
Gait & posture 50, 246-251, 2016
Computational models predict larger muscle tissue strains at faster sprinting speeds
NM Fiorentino, MR Rehorn, ES Chumanov, DG Thelen, SS Blemker
Medicine and science in sports and exercise 46 (4), 776, 2014
In vivo kinematics of the tibiotalar and subtalar joints in asymptomatic subjects: a high-speed dual fluoroscopy study
KE Roach, B Wang, AL Kapron, NM Fiorentino, CL Saltzman, ...
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 138 (9), 2016
Rectus femoris knee muscle moment arms measured in vivo during dynamic motion with real-time magnetic resonance imaging
NM Fiorentino, JS Lin, KB Ridder, MA Guttman, ER McVeigh, SS Blemker
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 135 (4), 2013
In vivo measurements of the ischiofemoral space in recreationally active participants during dynamic activities: a high-speed dual fluoroscopy study
PR Atkins, NM Fiorentino, SK Aoki, CL Peters, TG Maak, AE Anderson
The American journal of sports medicine 45 (12), 2901-2910, 2017
Hip rotation during standing and dynamic activities and the compensatory effect of femoral anteversion: An in-vivo analysis of asymptomatic young adults using three-dimensional …
K Uemura, PR Atkins, NM Fiorentino, AE Anderson
Gait & posture 61, 276-281, 2018
Subject-specific axes of rotation based on talar morphology do not improve predictions of tibiotalar and subtalar joint kinematics
JA Nichols, KE Roach, NM Fiorentino, AE Anderson
Annals of biomedical engineering 45 (9), 2109-2121, 2017
Predicting tibiotalar and subtalar joint angles from skin-marker data with dual-fluoroscopy as a reference standard
JA Nichols, KE Roach, NM Fiorentino, AE Anderson
Gait & posture 49, 136-143, 2016
Validation of Novel Relative Orientation and Inertial Sensor-to-Segment Alignment Algorithms for Estimating 3D Hip Joint Angles
L Adamowicz, RD Gurchiek, J Ferri, AT Ursiny, N Fiorentino, RS McGinnis
Sensors 19 (23), 5143, 2019
Soft Tissue Artifact Causes Underestimation of Hip Joint Kinematics and Kinetics in a Rigid-Body Musculoskeletal Model
NM Fiorentino, PR Atkins, MJ Kutschke, KB Foreman, AE Anderson
Journal of Biomechanics, 109890, 2020
Combined injury to the ACL and lateral meniscus alters the geometry of articular cartilage and meniscus soon after initial trauma
BD Beynnon, N Fiorentino, M Gardner‐Morse, TW Tourville, ...
Journal of Orthopaedic Research® 38 (4), 759-767, 2020
In Vivo Pelvic and Hip Joint Kinematics in Patients With Cam Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome: A Dual Fluoroscopy Study
PR Atkins, NM Fiorentino, JA Hartle, SK Aoki, CL Peters, KB Foreman, ...
Journal of Orthopaedic Research® 38 (4), 823-833, 2020
In-Vivo Kinematics of the Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joints in Asymptomatic Subjects with Application to Chronic Ankle Instability
KE Roach, NM Fiorentino, CL Saltzman, AE Anderson
Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics 1 (1), 2473011416S00201, 2016
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