Emin Anarım
Emin Anarım
Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
An intelligent intrusion detection system (IDS) for anomaly and misuse detection in computer networks
O Depren, M Topallar, E Anarim, MK Ciliz
Expert systems with Applications 29 (4), 713-722, 2005
Multidirectional and multiscale edge detection via M-band wavelet transform
T Aydin, Y Yemez, E Anarim, B Sankur
IEEE Transactions on image processing 5 (9), 1370-1377, 1996
Perceptual audio hashing functions
H Özer, B Sankur, N Memon, E Anarım
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2005 (12), 658950, 2005
Image quality statistics and their use in steganalysis and compression
I Avcibas, I Avcıbaş, B Sankur, L Akarun, E Anarim, N Memon
Frequency based DDoS attack detection approach using naive Bayes classification
RF Fouladi, CE Kayatas, E Anarim
2016 39th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal …, 2016
Image error concealment using watermarking with subbands for wireless channels
G Gur, Y Altug, E Anarım, F Alagoz
IEEE Communications Letters 11 (2), 179-181, 2007
A comparative study of moment invariants and Fourier descriptors in planar shape recognition
N Ezer, E Anarim, B Sankur
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Network-based anomaly intrusion detection system using SOMs
MO Depren, M Topallar, E Anarim, K Ciliz
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Location estimation using RSS measurements with unknown path loss exponents
MB Zeytinci, V Sari, FK Harmanci, E Anarim, M Akar
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2013 (1), 178, 2013
A new multi-tier adaptive military MANET security protocol using hybrid cryptography and signcryption
AA Yavuz, F Alagöz, E Anarim
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Subspace-based frequency estimation of sinusoidal signals in alpha-stable noise
MA Altınkaya, H Deliç, B Sankur, E Anarım
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Motion estimation in the frequency domain using fuzzy c-planes clustering
ÇE Erdem, GZ Karabulut, E Yanmaz, E Anarim
IEEE transactions on image processing 10 (12), 1873-1879, 2001
Scalability and security conflict for RFID authentication protocols
I Erguler, E Anarim
Wireless Personal Communications 59 (1), 43-56, 2011
Security flaws in a recent RFID delegation protocol
I Erguler, E Anarim
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 16 (3), 337-349, 2012
NAMEPS: N-Tier Satellite Multicast Security Protocol Based on Signcryption Schemes.
AA Yavuz, F Alagöz, E Anarim
NAMEPS: N-Tier Satellite Multicast Security Protocol Based on Signcryption Schemes.
AA Yavuz, F Alagöz, E Anarim
Statistical analysis of Pisarenko type tone frequency estimator
E Anarim, Y Istefanopulos
Signal processing 24 (3), 291-298, 1991
A new satellite multicast security protocol based on elliptic curve signatures
AA Yavuz, F Alagoz, E Anarim
2006 2nd International Conference on Information & Communication …, 2006
Region growing motion segmentation and estimation in object-oriented video coding
Y Yemez, B Sankur, E Anarim
Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2, 521-524, 1996
Frequency characteristics of DoS and DDoS attacks
RF Fouladi, T Seifpoor, E Anarim
2013 21st Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU …, 2013
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