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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Synergistic action of growth factors and dynamic loading for articular cartilage tissue engineering
RL Mauck, SB Nicoll, SL Seyhan, GA Ateshian, CT Hung
Tissue engineering 9 (4), 597-611, 2003
Chondrogenic differentiation of murine C3H10T1/2 multipotential mesenchymal cells: I. Stimulation by bone morphogenetic protein‐2 in high‐density micromass cultures
AE Denker, AR Haas, SB Nicoll, RS Tuan
Differentiation 64 (2), 67-76, 1999
Formation of cartilage‐like spheroids by micromass cultures of murine C3H10T1/2 cells upon treatment with transforming growth factor‐β1
AE Denker, SB Nicoll, RS Tuan
Differentiation 59 (1), 25-34, 1995
Role of biomechanics in intervertebral disc degeneration and regenerative therapies: what needs repairing in the disc and what are promising biomaterials for its repair?
JC Iatridis, SB Nicoll, AJ Michalek, BA Walter, MS Gupta
The Spine Journal 13 (3), 243-262, 2013
Cartilage interstitial fluid load support in unconfined compression
S Park, R Krishnan, SB Nicoll, GA Ateshian
Journal of biomechanics 36 (12), 1785-1796, 2003
Quantification of cartilage biomechanical and biochemical properties via T magnetic resonance imaging
AJ Wheaton, GR Dodge, DM Elliott, SB Nicoll, R Reddy
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: An Official Journal of the International …, 2005
In vitro release kinetics of biologically active transforming growth factor-β1 from a novel porous glass carrier
SB Nicoll, S Radin, EM Santos, RS Tuan, P Ducheyne
Biomaterials 18 (12), 853-859, 1997
Co-culture of osteoblasts and chondrocytes modulates cellular differentiation in vitro
J Jiang, SB Nicoll, HH Lu
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 338 (2), 762-770, 2005
Characterization of novel photocrosslinked carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels for encapsulation of nucleus pulposus cells
AT Reza, SB Nicoll
Acta biomaterialia 6 (1), 179-186, 2010
Photo-crosslinked alginate hydrogels support enhanced matrix accumulation by nucleus pulposus cells in vivo
AI Chou, SO Akintoye, SB Nicoll
Osteoarthritis and cartilage 17 (10), 1377-1384, 2009
Characterization of photocrosslinked alginate hydrogels for nucleus pulposus cell encapsulation
AI Chou, SB Nicoll
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2009
Effects of applied DC electric field on ligament fibroblast migration and wound healing
PG Chao, HH Lu, CT Hung, SB Nicoll, JC Bulinski
Connective tissue research 48 (4), 188-197, 2007
Modulation of proteoglycan and collagen profiles in human dermal fibroblasts by high density micromass culture and treatment with lactic acid suggests change to a chondrogenic …
SB Nicoll, A Wedrychowska, NR Smith, RS Bhatnagar
Connective tissue research 42 (1), 59-69, 2001
Cartilage interstitial fluid load support in unconfined compression following enzymatic digestion
IM Basalo, RL Mauck, TAN Kelly, SB Nicoll, FH Chen, CT Hung, ...
J. Biomech. Eng. 126 (6), 779-786, 2004
Chondrocyte-like cells useful for tissue engineering and methods
RS Bhatnagar, SB Nicoll
US Patent 6,489,165, 2002
Hydrostatic pressure differentially regulates outer and inner annulus fibrosus cell matrix production in 3D scaffolds
AT Reza, SB Nicoll
Annals of biomedical engineering 36 (2), 204-213, 2008
Chondrocyte-like cells useful for tissue engineering and methods
RS Bhatnagar, SB Nicoll
US Patent 6,197,586, 2001
The effect of serial monolayer passaging on the collagen expression profile of outer and inner anulus fibrosus cells
AI Chou, A Bansal, GJ Miller, SB Nicoll
Spine 31 (17), 1875-1881, 2006
Distinct intervertebral disc cell populations adopt similar phenotypes in three-dimensional culture
AI Chou, AT Reza, SB Nicoll
Tissue Engineering Part A 14 (12), 2079-2087, 2008
Hyaluronidases and CD44 undergo differential modulation during chondrogenesis
SB Nicoll, O Barak, AB Csóka, RS Bhatnagar, R Stern
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 292 (4), 819-825, 2002
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