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Ritchie Lee
NASA Ames Research Center
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Cyber-physical security: A game theory model of humans interacting over control systems
S Backhaus, R Bent, J Bono, R Lee, B Tracey, D Wolpert, D Xie, Y Yildiz
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 4 (4), 2320-2327, 2013
Adaptive stress testing for autonomous vehicles
M Koren, S Alsaif, R Lee, MJ Kochenderfer
2018 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 1-7, 2018
Towards a Bayesian network game framework for evaluating DDoS attacks and defense
G Yan, R Lee, A Kent, D Wolpert
Proceedings of the 2012 ACM conference on Computer and communications …, 2012
Adaptive stress testing of airborne collision avoidance systems
R Lee, MJ Kochenderfer, OJ Mengshoel, GP Brat, MP Owen
2015 IEEE/AIAA 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), 6C2-1-6C2-13, 2015
Game theoretic modeling of pilot behavior during mid-air encounters
R Lee, D Wolpert
Decision Making with Imperfect Decision Makers, 75-111, 2012
Neural network estimation of photovoltaic I–V curves under partially shaded conditions
JA Dolan, R Lee, YH Yeh, C Yeh, DY Nguyen, S Ben-Menahem, ...
The 2011 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 1358-1365, 2011
A survey of algorithms for black-box safety validation
A Corso, RJ Moss, M Koren, R Lee, MJ Kochenderfer
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.02979, 2020
Interpretable categorization of heterogeneous time series data
R Lee, MJ Kochenderfer, OJ Mengshoel, J Silbermann
Proceedings of the 2018 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 216-224, 2018
An integrated safety and systems engineering methodology for small unmanned aircraft systems
E Denney, G Pai, C Ippolito, R Lee
Infotech@ Aerospace 2012, 2572, 2012
Counter-factual reinforcement learning: How to model decision-makers that anticipate the future
R Lee, DH Wolpert, J Bono, S Backhaus, R Bent, B Tracey
Decision making and imperfection, 101-128, 2013
Differential adaptive stress testing of airborne collision avoidance systems
R Lee, O Mengshoel, A Saksena, R Gardner, D Genin, J Brush, ...
2018 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, 1923, 2018
Using game theoretic models to predict pilot behavior in nextgen merging and landing scenario
Y Yildiz, R Lee, G Brat
AIAA modeling and simulation technologies conference, 4487, 2012
Validation of image-based neural network controllers through adaptive stress testing
KD Julian, R Lee, MJ Kochenderfer
2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation …, 2020
Predicting the behavior of interacting humans by fusing data from multiple sources
EJ Schlicht, R Lee, DH Wolpert, MJ Kochenderfer, B Tracey
arXiv preprint arXiv:1206.6080, 2012
Deceiving Portable Executable Malware Classifiers into Targeted Misclassification with Practical Adversarial Examples
Y Kucuk, G Yan
Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and …, 2020
Adaptive stress testing: Finding failure events with reinforcement learning
R Lee, OJ Mengshoel, A Saksena, R Gardner, D Genin, J Silbermann, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.02188, 2018
Chapter: Game theoretic modeling of pilot behavior during mid-air encounters
R Lee, D Wolpert
Decision Making with Multiple Imperfect Decision Makers, 88-89, 2011
A perception and mapping approach for plume detection in payload directed flight
R Lee, C Ippolito
AIAA Infotech@ Aerospace Conference and AIAA Unmanned... Unlimited …, 2009
System identification of cessna 182 model uav
R Lee, L Shen
preprinted, 2005
Adaptive stress testing of safety-critical systems
R Lee, OJ Mengshoel, MJ Kochenderfer
Safe, Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles, 77-95, 2019
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