Kenn Konstabel
Kenn Konstabel
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary time during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood: a cohort study
FB Ortega, K Konstabel, E Pasquali, JR Ruiz, A Hurtig-Wennlöf, J Mäestu, ...
PloS one 8 (4), e60871, 2013
Objectively measured physical activity in European children: the IDEFICS study
K Konstabel, T Veidebaum, V Verbestel, LA Moreno, K Bammann, ...
International journal of obesity 38 (2), S135-S143, 2014
The ‘Short Five’(S5): Measuring personality traits using comprehensive single items
K Konstabel, JE Lönnqvist, G Walkowitz, K Konstabel, M Verkasalo
European Journal of Personality 26 (1), 13-29, 2012
The IDEFICS community-oriented intervention programme: a new model for childhood obesity prevention in Europe?
S De Henauw, V Verbestel, S Mårild, G Barba, K Bammann, G Eiben, ...
International Journal of Obesity 35 (1), S16-S23, 2011
Social desirability and consensual validity of personality traits
K Konstabel, T Aavik, J Allik
European Journal of Personality 20 (7), 549-566, 2006
Impact of methodological decisions on accelerometer outcome variables in young children
R Ojiambo, R Cuthill, H Budd, K Konstabel, JA Casajus, ...
International Journal of Obesity 35 (1), S98-S103, 2011
Eating traits questionnaires as a continuum of a single concept. Uncontrolled eating
U Vainik, S Neseliler, K Konstabel, LK Fellows, A Dagher
Appetite 90, 229-239, 2015
Incidence of high blood pressure in children—Effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviors: The IDEFICS study: High blood pressure, lifestyle and children
ACF de Moraes, HB Carvalho, A Siani, G Barba, T Veidebaum, ...
International journal of cardiology 180, 165-170, 2015
Physical activity and clustered cardiovascular disease risk factors in young children: a cross-sectional study (the IDEFICS study)
D Jiménez-Pavón, K Konstabel, P Bergman, W Ahrens, H Pohlabeln, ...
BMC medicine 11 (1), 1-11, 2013
Subjective psychological well-being (WHO-5) in assessment of the severity of suicide attempt
M Sisask, A Värnik, K Kolves, K Konstabel, D Wasserman
Nordic Journal of Psychiatry 62 (6), 431-435, 2008
Using the intervention mapping protocol to develop a community-based intervention for the prevention of childhood obesity in a multi-centre European project: the IDEFICS …
V Verbestel, S De Henauw, L Maes, L Haerens, S Mårild, G Eiben, ...
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 8 (1), 1-15, 2011
Effect of urbanization on objectively measured physical activity levels, sedentary time, and indices of adiposity in Kenyan adolescents
RM Ojiambo, C Easton, JA Casajús, K Konstabel, JJ Reilly, Y Pitsiladis
Journal of physical activity and health 9 (1), 115-123, 2012
Pathological gambling in Estonia: Relationships with personality, self-esteem, emotional states and cognitive ability
PR Kaare, R Mottus, K Konstabel
Journal of Gambling Studies 25 (3), 377-390, 2009
Personality and the serotonin transporter gene: Associations in a longitudinal population-based study
J Harro, L Merenäkk, N Nordquist, K Konstabel, E Comasco, L Oreland
Biological Psychology 81 (1), 9-13, 2009
A functional NOS1 promoter polymorphism interacts with adverse environment on functional and dysfunctional impulsivity
A Reif, E Kiive, T Kurrikoff, M Paaver, S Herterich, K Konstabel, T Tulviste, ...
Psychopharmacology 214 (1), 239-248, 2011
A comparison of self-other agreement in personal values versus the Big Five personality traits
H Dobewall, T Aavik, K Konstabel, SH Schwartz, A Realo
Journal of Research in Personality 50, 1-10, 2014
The IDEFICS validation study on field methods for assessing physical activity and body composition in children: design and data collection
K Bammann, I Sioen, I Huybrechts, JA Casajus, G Vicente-Rodriguez, ...
International Journal of Obesity 35 (1), S79-S87, 2011
Prevalence of psychosomatic and emotional symptoms in European school-aged children and its relationship with childhood adversities: results from the IDEFICS study
B Vanaelst, T De Vriendt, W Ahrens, K Bammann, C Hadjigeorgiou, ...
European child & adolescent psychiatry 21 (5), 253-265, 2012
Early vocabulary and gestures in Estonian children
A Schults, T Tulviste, K Konstabel
Journal of child Language 39 (3), 664, 2012
Adherence to the obesity-related lifestyle intervention targets in the IDEFICS study
E Kovács, A Siani, K Konstabel, C Hadjigeorgiou, I De Bourdeaudhuij, ...
International journal of obesity 38 (2), S144-S151, 2014
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