A/Professor. Dr. Helder Marcal
A/Professor. Dr. Helder Marcal
Biomedical Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Bioastronautics: the influence of microgravity on astronaut health
E Blaber, H Marçal, BP Burns
Astrobiology 10 (5), 463-473, 2010
Identification of potential pluripotency determinants for human embryonic stem cells following proteomic analysis of human and mouse fibroblast conditioned media
ABJ Prowse, LR McQuade, KJ Bryant, H Marcal, PP Gray
Journal of proteome research 6 (9), 3796-3807, 2007
Chitosan as a biomaterial: Influence of degree of deacetylation on its physiochemical, material and biological properties
LJR Foster, S Ho, J Hook, M Basuki, H Marcal
PLoS One 10 (8), e0135153, 2015
Polyhydroxybutyrate and its copolymer with polyhydroxyvalerate as biomaterials: influence on progression of stem cell cycle
T Ahmed, H Marçal, M Lawless, NS Wanandy, A Chiu, LJR Foster
Biomacromolecules 11 (10), 2707-2715, 2010
A comprehensive protein expression profile of extracellular matrix biomaterial derived from porcine urinary bladder
H Marçal, T Ahmed, SF Badylak, S Tottey, LJR Foster
Regenerative medicine 7 (2), 159-166, 2012
Application of polyethylene glycol to promote cellular biocompatibility of polyhydroxybutyrate films
RTH Chan, H Marçal, RA Russell, PJ Holden, LJR Foster
International Journal of Polymer Science 2011, 2011
Material surfaces affect the protein expression patterns of human macrophages: a proteomics approach
DLM Dinnes, H Marçal, SM Mahler, JP Santerre, RS Labow
Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 80 (4), 895-908, 2007
The effect of mesenchymal stem cell conditioned media on corneal stromal fibroblast wound healing activities
SL Watson, H Marcal, M Sarris, N Di Girolamo, MTC Coroneo, ...
British Journal of Ophthalmology 94 (8), 1067-1073, 2010
BioPEGylation of polyhydroxybutyrate promotes nerve cell health and migration
RTH Chan, RA Russell, H Marçal, TH Lee, PJ Holden, LJR Foster
Biomacromolecules 15 (1), 339-349, 2014
Mechanisms and effects posed by neurotoxic products of cyanobacteria/microbial eukaryotes/dinoflagellates in algae blooms: A review
FD Mello, N Braidy, H Marçal, G Guillemin, SM Nabavi, BA Neilan
Neurotoxicity research 33 (1), 153-167, 2018
Poly (ethylene glycol)‐modulated cellular biocompatibility of polyhydroxyalkanoate films
RTH Chan, H Marçal, T Ahmed, RA Russell, PJ Holden, LJR Foster
Polymer international 62 (6), 884-892, 2013
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate induces oxidative phosphorylation by activating cytochrome c oxidase in human cultured neurons and astrocytes
G Castellano-González, N Pichaud, JWO Ballard, A Bessede, H Marcal, ...
Oncotarget 7 (7), 7426, 2016
Manipulation of polyhydroxybutyrate properties through blending with ethyl-cellulose for a composite biomaterial
RTH Chan, CJ Garvey, H Marçal, RA Russell, PJ Holden, LJR Foster
International Journal of Polymer Science 2011, 2011
Chitosan− Vancomysin Composite Biomaterial as a Laser Activated Surgical Adhesive with Regional Antimicrobial Activity
LJR Foster, K Thomson, H Marçal, J Butt, SL Watson, D Wakefield
Biomacromolecules 11 (12), 3563-3570, 2010
Sutureless sealing of penetrating corneal wounds using a laser‐activated thin film adhesive
J Shahbazi, H Marçal, S Watson, D Wakefield, M Sarris, LJR Foster
Lasers in surgery and medicine 43 (6), 490-498, 2011
Cytotoxic effects of environmental toxins on human glial cells
DM Fiona, N Braidy, H Marçal, G Guillemin, F Rossi, M Chinian, D Laurent, ...
Neurotoxicity research 31 (2), 245-258, 2017
Use of neuropeptide y (npy) and agonists and antagonists thereof for tissue regeneration
V Bhasin, H Marcal
US Patent App. 11/911,426, 2009
Towards scarless wound healing: a comparison of protein expression between human, adult and foetal fibroblasts
S Ho, H Marçal, LJR Foster
BioMed research international 2014, 2014
BioPEGylation of polyhydroxyalkanoates: Influence on properties and satellite-stem cell cycle
H Marcal, NS Wanandy, V Sanguanchaipaiwong, CE Woolnough, ...
Biomacromolecules 9 (10), 2719-2726, 2008
Biofunctionalization of conductive hydrogel coatings to support olfactory ensheathing cells at implantable electrode interfaces
RT Hassarati, H Marcal, L John, R Foster, RA Green
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 104 (4 …, 2016
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