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Fatma Betul Tuncer
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A comparative clinical study of flap thickness: medial sural artery perforator flap versus anterolateral thigh flap
ZDA Dogan, MÇ Özkan, FB Tuncer, B Saçak, Ö Çelebiler
Annals of Plastic Surgery 81 (4), 472-474, 2018
Risk assessment for free tissue transfers: is old age a determining factor?
B Saçak, ZD Akdeniz, F Certel, FND Kocaaslan, B Tuncer, Ö Çelebiler
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 26 (3), 856-859, 2015
Ischemic preconditioning and iloprost reduces ischemia-reperfusion injury in jejunal flaps: an animal model
FB Tuncer, FND Kocaaslan, A Yildirim, B Sacak, SA Tamer, H Sahin, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 144 (1), 124-133, 2019
Advanced technical pearls for successful supermicrosurgical lymphaticovenular anastomosis
WF Chen, FB Tuncer, W Zeng
Annals of Plastic Surgery 86 (3S), S165-S172, 2021
A rare coexistence of thyroid lymphoma with papillary thyroid carcinoma
M Cakir, E Celik, FB Tuncer, A Tekin
Annals of African Medicine 12 (3), 188-190, 2013
Anatomical location of the infraorbital foramen in infant dry skulls: Implications for cleft surgery
FB Tuncer, DA Jacob, F Papay
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 30 (7), e623-e626, 2019
Clinical anatomy of submental intubation: a review of the indications, technique, and a modified approach
DAD Jacob, FB Tuncer, DL Kashan, R Gurunluoglu
Annals of plastic surgery 84 (2), 232-237, 2020
The tongue flap for large palatal fistulas, a success or a failure? Our 15-year experience
FN Durmus Kocaaslan, FB Tuncer, S Sendur, O Celebiler
Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery 54 (3), 151-155, 2020
Axillary lymph node status in multicentric breast tumors and breast tumors with nipple involvement
M Cakir, A Tekin, T Kücükkartallar, C Vatansev, F Aksoy, A Kartal, ...
Breast Care 7 (5), 394-396, 2012
Postoperative ketorolac administration is not associated with hemorrhage in cranial vault remodeling for craniosynostosis
F Tuncer, R Knackstedt, A Murthy, N Patel
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–Global Open 7 (8), e2401, 2019
Square-root palatoplasty: comparing a novel modified-Furlow double-opposing Z-palatoplasty technique to traditional straight-line repair
SA Tanaka, DM Coombs, FB Tuncer, A Shikhman, P Keenan, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–Global Open 9 (8), e3777, 2021
Assessment of tissue perfusion following conventional liposuction of perforator-based abdominal flaps
ZDA Doğan, B Saçak, D Yalçın, Ö Pilancı, FB Tuncer, Ö Çelebiler
Archives of Plastic Surgery 44 (02), 109-116, 2017
Postauricular conchal chondrocutaneous sandwich flap for partial ear reconstruction
M Bayramicli, FB Tuncer, F Certel
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 68 (11), 1617-1620, 2015
Management of Tessier type 3 cleft with a novel reverse palatal expander
EN Kim, WD Moss, DK Yamashiro, FB Tuncer, FA Siddiqi
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 32 (8), e814-e816, 2021
The tongue flap for large palatal fistulas, a success or a failure
FN Durmus Kocaaslan, FB Tuncer, S Sendur, O Celebiler
Our, 0
Skeletal and dental outcomes after facial allotransplantation: the Cleveland clinic experience and systematic review of the literature
DM Coombs, BB Gharb, FB Tuncer, RS Djohan, BR Gastman, SL Bernard, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 149 (4), 945-962, 2022
Serial posterior cranial vault distraction for the treatment of complex craniosynostosis
J Veith, D Johns, ST Mehta, R Hosein, FB Tuncer, R Tyrell, JRW Kestle, ...
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 32 (1), 32-35, 2021
An evaluation of early complications after prepectoral tissue expander placement in first-stage breast reconstruction with and without acellular dermal matrix
G Pires, JL Marquez, S Memmott, JD Sudduth, W Moss, D Eddington, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 10.1097, 2023
First report of testicular replantation following wrong-site surgery
FB Tuncer, RS Frautschi, SD Lundy, GP Haber, B Gastman
Urology 164, 267-272, 2022
The effects of sequential galeotomies and galea aponeurectomies on scalp flap advancement
R Tyrell, YK Choi, F Tuncer, D Maglic, K Holoyda, R Hosein, B Gociman
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 147 (2), 363e-364e, 2021
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