Paul Smart
Paul Smart
Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Knowledge Elicitation
NR Shadbolt, PR Smart
Evaluation of Human Work, 163, 2015
Video co-summarization: Video summarization by visual co-occurrence
WS Chu, Y Song, A Jaimes
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2015
Towards a knowledge-based approach to semantic service composition
L Chen, NR Shadbolt, C Goble, F Tao, SJ Cox, C Puleston, PR Smart
International Semantic Web Conference, 319-334, 2003
Nitelight: A graphical tool for semantic query construction
A Russell, PR Smart, D Braines, NR Shadbolt
A visual approach to semantic query design using a web-based graphical query designer
PR Smart, A Russell, D Braines, Y Kalfoglou, J Bao, NR Shadbolt
International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management …, 2008
A taxonomic framework for social machines
P Smart, E Simperl, N Shadbolt
Social collective intelligence, 51-85, 2014
The Web‐Extended Mind
PR Smart
Metaphilosophy 43 (4), 446-463, 2012
The cognitive ecology of the Internet
PR Smart, R Heersmink, R Clowes
Cognition Beyond the Brain, 2017
Cultural network analysis: A cognitive approach to cultural modeling
WR Sieck, LJ Rasmussen, P Smart
Network science for military coalition operations: Information exchange and …, 2010
Nitelight: A graphical editor for sparql queries
A Russell, PR Smart
Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Posters and …, 2008
Context representation for the semantic web
J Bao, J Tao, DL McGuinness, P Smart
Social machines
PR Smart, NR Shadbolt
Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition, 6855-6862, 2015
AKTiveSA: A technical demonstrator system for enhanced situation awareness
PR Smart, A Russell, NR Shadbolt, LA Carr
The Computer Journal 50 (6), 703-716, 2007
Controlled natural languages and the semantic web
PR Smart
Knowledge-based information fusion for improved situational awareness
PR Smart, NR Shadbolt, LA Carr, MC Schraefel
2005 7th International Conference on Information Fusion 2, 8 pp., 2005
What is a good plan? Cultural variations in expert planners' concepts of plan quality
LJ Rasmussen, WR Sieck, P Smart
Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making 3 (3), 228-252, 2009
Context aware information retrieval for enhanced situation awareness
A Bahrami, J Yuan, PR Smart, NR Shadbolt
MILCOM 2007-IEEE Military Communications Conference, 1-6, 2007
The network-extended mind
PR Smart, PC Engelbrecht, D Braines, M Strub, C Giammanco
Network Science for Military Coalition Operations: Information Exchange and …, 2010
Engineering knowledge for engineering grid applications
L Chen, N Shadbolt, F Tao, SJ Cox, A Keane, C Goble, A Roberts, ...
Shared understanding within military coalitions: A definition and review of research challenges
PR Smart, D Mott, K Sycara, D Braines, M Strub, NR Shadbolt
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