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Ben Edelman
Ben Edelman
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Internet advertising and the generalized second-price auction: Selling billions of dollars worth of keywords
B Edelman, M Ostrovsky, M Schwarz
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Bitcoin: Economics, technology, and governance
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Digital discrimination: The case of Airbnb. com
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To groupon or not to groupon: The profitability of deep discounts
B Edelman, S Jaffe, SD Kominers
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Markets: Red light states: Who buys online adult entertainment?
B Edelman
Journal of Economic Perspectives 23 (1), 209-20, 2009
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B Edelman
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Price coherence and excessive intermediation
B Edelman, J Wright
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Risk, information, and incentives in online affiliate marketing
B Edelman, W Brandi
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Adverse selection in online" trust" certifications
B Edelman
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B Edelman
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B Edelman
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Bias in search results: Diagnosis and response
B Edelman
Indian JL & Tech. 7, 16, 2011
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