Hooi Hooi Lean
Hooi Hooi Lean
Economics Program, Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and output in ASEAN
HH Lean, R Smyth
Applied Energy 87 (6), 1858-1864, 2010
Does financial development increase energy consumption? The role of industrialization and urbanization in Tunisia
M Shahbaz, HH Lean
Energy policy 40, 473-479, 2012
Environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis in Pakistan: cointegration and Granger causality
M Shahbaz, HH Lean, MS Shabbir
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 (5), 2947-2953, 2012
Intellectual capital performance of financial institutions in Malaysia
IWK Ting, HH Lean
Journal of Intellectual capital, 2009
The impact of energy consumption and CO2 emission on the economic growth and financial development in the Sub Saharan African countries
U Al-Mulali, CNBC Sab
Energy 39 (1), 180-186, 2012
The evolution of the natural resource curse thesis: A critical literature survey
RA Badeeb, HH Lean, J Clark
Resources Policy 51, 123-134, 2017
The influence of economic growth, urbanization, trade openness, financial development, and renewable energy on pollution in Europe
U Al-Mulali, I Ozturk, HH Lean
Natural Hazards 79 (1), 621-644, 2015
The dynamics of electricity consumption and economic growth: A revisit study of their causality in Pakistan
M Shahbaz, HH Lean
Energy 39 (1), 146-153, 2012
Is energy consumption effective to spur economic growth in Pakistan? New evidence from bounds test to level relationships and Granger causality tests
M Shahbaz, M Zeshan, T Afza
Economic Modelling 29 (6), 2310-2319, 2012
Multivariate Granger causality between electricity generation, exports, prices and GDP in Malaysia
HH Lean, R Smyth
Energy 35 (9), 3640-3648, 2010
Do Islamic stock indexes outperform conventional stock indexes? A stochastic dominance approach
O Al-Khazali, HH Lean, A Samet
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 28, 29-46, 2014
On the dynamics of aggregate output, electricity consumption and exports in Malaysia: evidence from multivariate Granger causality tests
HH Lean, R Smyth
Applied Energy 87 (6), 1963-1971, 2010
International momentum strategies: a stochastic dominance approach
WM Fong, WK Wong, HH Lean
Journal of Financial Markets 8 (1), 89-109, 2005
Is the tourism‐led growth hypothesis stable for Malaysia? A note
HH Lean, CF Tang
International Journal of Tourism Research 12 (4), 375-378, 2010
Natural gas consumption and economic growth in Pakistan
M Shahbaz, HH Lean, A Farooq
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 18, 87-94, 2013
Market efficiency of oil spot and futures: A mean-variance and stochastic dominance approach
HH Lean, M McAleer, WK Wong
Energy Economics 32 (5), 979-986, 2010
Stochastic dominance analysis of Asian hedge funds
WK Wong, KF Phoon, HH Lean
Pacific-Basin finance journal 16 (3), 204-223, 2008
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HH Lean, R Smyth, WK Wong
Journal of Multinational Financial Management 17 (2), 125-141, 2007
Stochastic dominance and behavior towards risk: the market for internet stocks
WM Fong, HH Lean, WK Wong
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 68 (1), 194-208, 2008
Logistics and economic development: Experience from China
HH Lean, W Huang, J Hong
Transport Policy 32, 96-104, 2014
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