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Dobromir Dimitrov
Dobromir Dimitrov
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Positive and elementary stable nonstandard numerical methods with applications to predator–prey models
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 189 (1-2), 98-108, 2006
Efficacy dilution in randomized placebo-controlled vaginal microbicide trials
BR Mâsse, MC Boily, D Dimitrov, K Desai
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Complete mathematical analysis of predator–prey models with linear prey growth and Beddington–DeAngelis functional response
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Applied Mathematics and Computation 162 (2), 523-538, 2005
Nonstandard finite-difference schemes for general two-dimensional autonomous dynamical systems
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Applied Mathematics Letters 18 (7), 769-774, 2005
Optimizing vaccine allocation for COVID-19 vaccines shows the potential role of single-dose vaccination
L Matrajt, J Eaton, T Leung, D Dimitrov, JT Schiffer, DA Swan, H Janes
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-18, 2021
Heterosexual anal intercourse: a neglected risk factor for HIV?
RF Baggaley, D Dimitrov, BN Owen, M Pickles, AR Butler, B Masse, ...
American journal of reproductive immunology 69, 95-105, 2013
Nonstandard finite-difference methods for predator–prey models with general functional response
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 78 (1), 1-11, 2008
Stability-preserving finite-difference methods for general multi-dimensional autonomous dynamical systems
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Int. J. Numer. Anal. Model 4 (2), 282-292, 2007
COVID-19 vaccines that reduce symptoms but do not block infection need higher coverage and faster rollout to achieve population impact
DA Swan, C Bracis, H Janes, M Moore, L Matrajt, DB Reeves, E Burns, ...
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Mathematical insights in evaluating state dependent effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions
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Integrative models of bat rabies immunology, epizootiology and disease demography
DT Dimitrov, TG Hallam, CE Rupprecht, AS Turmelle, GF McCracken
Journal of theoretical biology 245 (3), 498-509, 2007
The future role of rectal and vaginal microbicides to prevent HIV infection in heterosexual populations: implications for product development and prevention
MC Boily, D Dimitrov, SSA Karim, B Mâsse
Sexually transmitted infections 87 (7), 646-653, 2011
PrEP adherence patterns strongly impact individual HIV risk and observed efficacy in randomized clinical trials
DT Dimitrov, BR Mâsse, D Donnell
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 72 (4), 444, 2016
The potential effect of COVID-19-related disruptions on HIV incidence and HIV-related mortality among men who have sex with men in the USA: a modelling study
KM Mitchell, D Dimitrov, R Silhol, L Geidelberg, M Moore, A Liu, C Beyrer, ...
The Lancet HIV 8 (4), e206-e215, 2021
Comparative effectiveness of different strategies of oral cholera vaccination in bangladesh: a modeling study
DT Dimitrov, C Troeger, ME Halloran, IM Longini, DL Chao
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 8 (12), e3343, 2014
How much do we know about drug resistance due to PrEP use? Analysis of experts’ opinion and its influence on the projected public health impact
DT Dimitrov, MC Boily, TB Hallett, J Albert, C Boucher, JW Mellors, ...
PloS one 11 (7), e0158620, 2016
Nonstandard numerical methods for a class of predator-prey models with predator interference.
DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations (EJDE)[electronic only] 2007, 67-75, 2007
Combined nonstandard numerical methods for ODEs with polynomial right-hand sides
BM Chen-Charpentier, DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 73 (1-4), 105-113, 2006
Impact of pill sharing on drug resistance due to a wide-scale oral prep intervention in generalized epidemics
D Dimitrov, MC Boily, BR Mâsse, ER Brown
Journal of AIDS & clinical research, 2012
Numerical simulation of multi-species biofilms in porous media for different kinetics
BM Chen-Charpentier, DT Dimitrov, HV Kojouharov
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 79 (6), 1846-1861, 2009
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