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Jens Patrick Linge
Jens Patrick Linge
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Refinement of protein structures in explicit solvent
JP Linge, MA Williams, CAEM Spronk, AMJJ Bonvin, M Nilges
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 50 (3), 496-506, 2003
ARIA: automated NOE assignment and NMR structure calculation
JP Linge, M Habeck, W Rieping, M Nilges
Bioinformatics 19 (2), 315-316, 2003
Automated assignment of ambiguous nuclear overhauser effects with ARIA
JP Linge, SI O'Donoghue, M Nilges
Methods in Enzymology 339, 71-90, 2001
Influence of non-bonded parameters on the quality of NMR structures: a new force field for NMR structure calculation
JP Linge, M Nilges
Journal of biomolecular NMR 13, 51-59, 1999
The three-dimensional structure of the HRDC domain and implications for the Werner and Bloom syndrome proteins
Z Liu, MJ Macias, MJ Bottomley, G Stier, JP Linge, M Nilges, P Bork, ...
Structure 7 (12), 1557-1566, 1999
The CCPN project: an interim report on a data model for the NMR community
R Fogh, J Ionides, E Ulrich, W Boucher, W Vranken, JP Linge, M Habeck, ...
nature structural biology 9 (6), 416-418, 2002
The landscape of international event-based biosurveillance
D Hartley, N Nelson, R Walters, R Arthur, R Yangarber, L Madoff, J Linge, ...
Emerging Health Threats Journal 3 (1), 7096, 2010
Improving the quality of protein structures derived by NMR spectroscopy
CAEM Spronk, JP Linge, CW Hilbers, GW Vuister
Journal of biomolecular NMR 22 (3), 281-289, 2002
A novel in vitro metabolomics approach for neurotoxicity testing, proof of principle for methyl mercury chloride and caffeine
E Van Vliet, S Morath, C Eskes, J Linge, J Rappsilber, P Honegger, ...
Neurotoxicology 29 (1), 1-12, 2008
Internet surveillance systems for early alerting of health threats
JP Linge, R Steinberger, TP Weber, R Yangarber, E van der Goot, ...
Eurosurveillance 14 (13), 19162, 2009
Evaluation of epidemic intelligence systems integrated in the early alerting and reporting project for the detection of A/H5N1 influenza events
P Barboza, L Vaillant, A Mawudeku, NP Nelson, DM Hartley, LC Madoff, ...
PLoS One 8 (3), e57252, 2013
An overview of internet biosurveillance
DM Hartley, NP Nelson, RR Arthur, P Barboza, N Collier, N Lightfoot, ...
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 19 (11), 1006-1013, 2013
NOE assignment with ARIA 2.0: the nuts and bolts
M Habeck, W Rieping, JP Linge, M Nilges
Protein NMR Techniques, 379-402, 2004
Development of food fraud media monitoring system based on text mining
Y Bouzembrak, B Steen, R Neslo, J Linge, V Mojtahed, HJP Marvin
Food Control 93, 283-296, 2018
MedISys: An early-warning system for the detection of (re-) emerging food-and feed-borne hazards
A Rortais, J Belyaeva, M Gemo, E Van der Goot, JP Linge
Food Research International 43 (5), 1553-1556, 2010
Correction of spin diffusion during iterative automated NOE assignment
JP Linge, M Habeck, W Rieping, M Nilges
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 167 (2), 334-342, 2004
Factors influencing performance of internet-based biosurveillance systems used in epidemic intelligence for early detection of infectious diseases outbreaks
P Barboza, L Vaillant, Y Le Strat, DM Hartley, NP Nelson, A Mawudeku, ...
PloS one 9 (3), e90536, 2014
Comparative analysis of structural and dynamic properties of the loaded and unloaded hemophore HasA: functional implications
N Wolff, N Izadi-Pruneyre, J Couprie, M Habeck, J Linge, W Rieping, ...
Journal of molecular biology 376 (2), 517-525, 2008
Structure of the histone mRNA hairpin required for cell cycle regulation of histone gene expression
K Zanier, I Luyten, C Crombie, B Müller, D Schümperli, JP Linge, M Nilges, ...
Rna 8 (1), 29-46, 2002
Toxicogenomics Applied to In Vitro Carcinogenicity Testing with Balb/c 3T3 Cells Revealed a Gene Signature Predictive of Chemical Carcinogens
A Rohrbeck, G Salinas, K Maaser, J Linge, S Salovaara, R Corvi, J Borlak
Toxicological Sciences 118 (1), 31-41, 2010
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