Markus Kraft
Markus Kraft
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Blockchain technology in the chemical industry: Machine-to-machine electricity market
JJ Sikorski, J Haughton, M Kraft
Applied energy 195, 234-246, 2017
Nickel Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Few‐Layer Nitrogen‐Doped Graphene Derived from Metal–Organic Frameworks as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting
Y Xu, W Tu, B Zhang, S Yin, Y Huang, M Kraft, R Xu
Advanced Materials 29 (11), 1605957, 2017
Metal-free carbonaceous electrocatalysts and photocatalysts for water splitting
Y Xu, M Kraft, R Xu
Chemical Society Reviews 45 (11), 3039-3052, 2016
Measurement and numerical simulation of soot particle size distribution functions in a laminar premixed ethylene-oxygen-argon flame
B Zhao, Z Yang, MV Johnston, H Wang, AS Wexler, M Balthasar, M Kraft
Combustion and Flame 133 (1-2), 173-188, 2003
Mapping surrogate gasoline compositions into RON/MON space
N Morgan, A Smallbone, A Bhave, M Kraft, R Cracknell, G Kalghatgi
Combustion and Flame 157 (6), 1122-1131, 2010
Unique PCoN Surface Bonding States Constructed on g‐C3N4 Nanosheets for Drastically Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of H2 Evolution
C Li, Y Du, D Wang, S Yin, W Tu, Z Chen, M Kraft, G Chen, R Xu
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (4), 1604328, 2017
A stochastic approach to calculate the particle size distribution function of soot particles in laminar premixed flames
M Balthasar, M Kraft
Combustion and Flame 133 (3), 289-298, 2003
Numerical simulation and sensitivity analysis of detailed soot particle size distribution in laminar premixed ethylene flames
J Singh, RIA Patterson, M Kraft, H Wang
Combustion and Flame 145 (1-2), 117-127, 2006
Investigation of combustion emissions in a HCCI engine: Measurements and a new computational model
M Kraft, P Maigaard, F Mauss, M Christensen, B Johansson
Proc. Combust. Inst 28, 1195-1201, 2000
Towards a detailed soot model for internal combustion engines
S Mosbach, MS Celnik, A Raj, M Kraft, HR Zhang, S Kubo, KO Kim
Combustion and Flame 156 (6), 1156-1165, 2009
Investigating the Role of Tunable Nitrogen Vacancies in Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven H2 Evolution and CO2 Reduction
W Tu, Y Xu, J Wang, B Zhang, T Zhou, S Yin, S Wu, C Li, Y Huang, Y Zhou, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (8), 7260-7268, 2017
A statistical approach to develop a detailed soot growth model using PAH characteristics
A Raj, M Celnik, R Shirley, M Sander, R Patterson, R West, M Kraft
Combustion and Flame 156 (4), 896-913, 2009
Electronic and optical properties of aluminium-doped anatase and rutile TiO 2 from ab initio calculations
R Shirley, M Kraft, OR Inderwildi
Physical Review B 81 (7), 075111, 2010
An efficient stochastic algorithm for simulating nano-particle dynamics
M Goodson, M Kraft
Journal of Computational Physics 183 (1), 210-232, 2002
Incorporating seller/buyer reputation-based system in blockchain-enabled emission trading application
KN Khaqqi, JJ Sikorski, K Hadinoto, M Kraft
Applied Energy 209, 8-19, 2018
Stochastic modeling of soot particle size and age distributions in laminar premixed flames
J Singh, M Balthasar, M Kraft, W Wagner
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 30 (1), 1457-1465, 2005
Modelling the internal structure of nascent soot particles
TS Totton, D Chakrabarti, AJ Misquitta, M Sander, DJ Wales, M Kraft
Combustion and Flame 157 (5), 909-914, 2010
A study on the coagulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon clusters to determine their collision efficiency
A Raj, M Sander, V Janardhanan, M Kraft
Combustion and Flame 157 (3), 523-534, 2010
Modelling soot formation in a premixed flame using an aromatic-site soot model and an improved oxidation rate
MS Celnik, M Sander, A Raj, RH West, M Kraft
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 (1), 639-646, 2009
Coupling a stochastic soot population balance to gas-phase chemistry using operator splitting
M Celnik, R Patterson, M Kraft, W Wagner
Combustion and Flame 148 (3), 158-176, 2007
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