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Umit Akbey
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optical properties of composites of PMMA and surface-modified zincite nanoparticles
MM Demir, K Koynov, Ü Akbey, C Bubeck, I Park, I Lieberwirth, G Wegner
Macromolecules 40 (4), 1089-1100, 2007
Dynamic nuclear polarization of deuterated proteins
Ü Akbey, WT Franks, A Linden, S Lange, RG Griffin, BJ van Rossum, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (42), 7803-7806, 2010
Enhanced resolution and coherence lifetimes in the solid-state NMR spectroscopy of perdeuterated proteins under ultrafast magic-angle spinning
JR Lewandowski, JN Dumez, U Akbey, S Lange, L Emsley, H Oschkinat
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (17), 2205-2211, 2011
Fast passage dynamic nuclear polarization on rotating solids
F Mentink-Vigier, Ü Akbey, Y Hovav, S Vega, H Oschkinat, A Feintuch
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 224, 13-21, 2012
Optimum levels of exchangeable protons in perdeuterated proteins for proton detection in MAS solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Ü Akbey, S Lange, WT Franks, R Linser, K Rehbein, A Diehl, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 46 (1), 67, 2010
Self-assembly of dendronized Perylene bisimides into complex helical columns
V Percec, M Peterca, T Tadjiev, X Zeng, G Ungar, P Leowanawat, E Aqad, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (31), 12197-12219, 2011
Neurotoxin II bound to acetylcholine receptors in native membranes studied by dynamic nuclear polarization NMR
AH Linden, S Lange, WT Franks, U Akbey, E Specker, BJ van Rossum, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (48), 19266-19269, 2011
Cryogenic temperature effects and resolution upon slow cooling of protein preparations in solid state NMR
AH Linden, WT Franks, Ü Akbey, S Lange, BJ van Rossum, H Oschkinat
Journal of biomolecular NMR 51 (3), 283, 2011
In-situ bulk polymerization of dilute particle/MMA dispersions
MM Demir, P Castignolles, Ü Akbey, G Wegner
Macromolecules 40 (12), 4190-4198, 2007
Anhydrous proton-conducting properties of triazole–phosphonic acid copolymers: a combined study with MAS NMR
SÜ Çelik, Ü Akbey, R Graf, A Bozkurt, HW Spiess
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (39), 6058-6066, 2008
Theoretical aspects of magic angle spinning-dynamic nuclear polarization
F Mentink-Vigier, Ü Akbey, H Oschkinat, S Vega, A Feintuch
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 258, 102-120, 2015
The effect of biradical concentration on the performance of DNP-MAS-NMR
S Lange, AH Linden, Ü Akbey, WT Franks, NM Loening, BJ van Rossum, ...
Journal of magnetic resonance 216, 209-212, 2012
Hyperpolarization methods in NMR spectroscopy
Ü Akbey
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013
Dynamic nuclear polarization of spherical nanoparticles
Ü Akbey, B Altin, A Linden, S Özçelik, M Gradzielski, H Oschkinat
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (47), 20706-20716, 2013
1H Solid-State NMR Investigation of Structure and Dynamics of Anhydrous Proton Conducting Triazole-Functionalized Siloxane Polymers
U Akbey, S Granados-Focil, EB Coughlin, R Graf, HW Spiess
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (27), 9151-9160, 2009
Proton‐Conducting Properties of Acid‐Doped Poly (glycidyl methacrylate)‐1, 2, 4‐Triazole Systems
SÜ Çelik, Ü Akbey, A Bozkurt, R Graf, HW Spiess
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 209 (6), 593-603, 2008
Structural changes of TasA in biofilm formation of Bacillus subtilis
A Diehl, Y Roske, L Ball, A Chowdhury, M Hiller, N Molière, R Kramer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (13), 3237-3242, 2018
Solid‐State NMR investigations of anhydrous proton‐conducting acid–base poly (acrylic acid)–poly (4‐vinyl pyridine) polymer blend system: A study of hydrogen bonding and proton …
Ü Akbey, R Graf, YG Peng, PP Chu, HW Spiess
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 47 (2), 138-155, 2009
Optimal 2H rf Pulses and 2H–13C Cross-Polarization Methods for Solid-State 2H MAS NMR of Perdeuterated Proteins
D Wei, U Akbey, B Paaske, H Oschkinat, B Reif, M Bjerring, NC Nielsen
The journal of physical chemistry letters 2 (11), 1289-1294, 2011
Sensitivity and resolution of proton detected spectra of a deuterated protein at 40 and 60 kHz magic-angle-spinning
AJ Nieuwkoop, WT Franks, K Rehbein, A Diehl, Ü Akbey, F Engelke, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 61 (2), 161-171, 2015
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