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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Added mass and damping of oscillating bodies: a fully viscous numerical approach
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara, C Chryssostomidis
Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics, Heat & Mass Transfer and Biology, 210-215, 2011
Ensuring numerical stability of wave propagation by tuning model parameters using genetic algorithms and response surface methods
RAR Roselli, G Vernengo, C Altomare, S Brizzolara, L Bonfiglio, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 103, 62-73, 2018
A robotic intelligent towing tank for learning complex fluid-structure dynamics
D Fan, G Jodin, TR Consi, L Bonfiglio, Y Ma, LR Keyes, GE Karniadakis, ...
Science Robotics 4 (36), eaay5063, 2019
Multi-fidelity optimization of super-cavitating hydrofoils
L Bonfiglio, P Perdikaris, S Brizzolara, GE Karniadakis
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 332, 63-85, 2018
Physics-based design by optimization of unconventional supercavitating hydrofoils
G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio, S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
Journal of Ship Research 60 (04), 187-202, 2016
Improving swath seakeeping performance using multi-fidelity Gaussian process and Bayesian optimization
L Bonfiglio, P Perdikaris, G Vernengo, JS de Medeiros, G Karniadakis
Journal of Ship Research 62 (04), 223-240, 2018
Risk-adaptive set-based design and applications to shaping a hydrofoil
JO Royset, L Bonfiglio, G Vernengo, S Brizzolara
Journal of Mechanical Design 139 (10), 101403, 2017
A multi-fidelity framework for investigating the performance of super-cavitating hydrofoils under uncertain flow conditions
L Bonfiglio, P Perdikaris, S Brizzolara, G Karniadakis
19th AIAA Non-Deterministic Approaches Conference, 1328, 2017
Comparative CFD investigation on the performance of a new family of super-cavitating hydrofoils
S Brizzolara, L Bonfiglio
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 656 (1), 012147, 2015
Supercavitating three-dimensional hydrofoil analysis by viscous lifting-line approach
G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara
AIAA Journal 55 (12), 4127-4141, 2017
A multiphase ranse-based computational tool for the analysis of super-cavitating hydrofoils
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara
Naval Engineers Journal 128 (1), 47-64, 2016
A reduced order approach for optimal design of efficient marine propellers
S Gaggero, G Vernengo, D Villa, L Bonfiglio
Ships and Offshore Structures 15 (2), 200-214, 2020
Amplitude induced nonlinearity in piston mode resonant flow: A fully viscous numerical analysis
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara
Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 140 (1), 2018
Comparative performance of optimum high speed swath and semi-swath in calm water and in waves
S Brizzolara, G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio, D Bruzzone
SNAME 5th World Maritime Technology Conference, 2015
Influence of viscosity on radiation forces: a comparison between monohull, catamaran and SWATH
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara
The Twenty-third International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2013
A hybrid RANSE–strip theory method for prediction of ship motions
L Bonfiglio, G Vernengo, S Brizzolara, D Bruzzone
Maritime Technology and Engineering III: Proceedings of the 3rd …, 2016
A probabilistic framework for multidisciplinary design: Application to the hydrostructural optimization of supercavitating hydrofoils
L Bonfiglio, P Perdikaris, J del Águila, GE Karniadakis
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 116 (4), 246-269, 2018
Unsteady viscous flow with nonlinear free surface around oscillating SWATH ship sections
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara
WSEAS Transactions on Fluid Mechanics 9, 49-57, 2014
Influence of viscous effects on numerical prediction of motions of SWATH vessels in waves
S Brizzolara, L Bonfiglio, JSD Medeiros
Ocean systems engineering 3 (3), 219-236, 2013
A data-driven probabilistic learning approach for the prediction of controllable pitch propellers performance
S Gaggero, A Coppede, D Villa, G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio
MARINE VIII: proceedings of the VIII International Conference on …, 2019
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