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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A comparative study of limited-angle cone-beam reconstruction methods for breast tomosynthesis
Y Zhang, HP Chan, B Sahiner, J Wei, MM Goodsitt, LM Hadjiiski, J Ge, ...
Medical physics 33 (10), 3781-3795, 2006
Recent progress in synthesis, properties and potential applications of SiC nanomaterials
R Wu, K Zhou, CY Yue, J Wei, Y Pan
Progress in Materials Science 72, 1-60, 2015
Ternary Hybrids of Amorphous Nickel Hydroxide–Carbon Nanotube‐Conducting Polymer for Supercapacitors with High Energy Density, Excellent Rate Capability, and Long Cycle Life
W Jiang, D Yu, Q Zhang, K Goh, L Wei, Y Yong, R Jiang, J Wei, Y Chen
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (7), 1063-1073, 2015
Antibacterial action of dispersed single-walled carbon nanotubes on Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis investigated by atomic force microscopy
S Liu, AK Ng, R Xu, J Wei, CM Tan, Y Yang, Y Chen
Nanoscale 2 (12), 2744-2750, 2010
Computer-aided Detection System for Breast Masses on Digital Tomosynthesis Mammograms: Preliminary Experience 1
HP Chan, J Wei, B Sahiner, EA Rafferty, T Wu, MA Roubidoux, RH Moore, ...
Radiology 237 (3), 1075-1080, 2005
Mass detection in digital breast tomosynthesis: Deep convolutional neural network with transfer learning from mammography
RK Samala, HP Chan, L Hadjiiski, MA Helvie, J Wei, K Cha
Medical Physics 43 (12), 6654-6666, 2016
Molten-salt-mediated synthesis of SiC nanowires for microwave absorption applications
R Wu, K Zhou, Z Yang, X Qian, J Wei, L Liu, Y Huang, L Kong, L Wang
CrystEngComm 15 (3), 570-576, 2013
Computer-aided detection of breast masses on full field digital mammograms
J Wei, B Sahiner, LM Hadjiiski, HP Chan, N Petrick, MA Helvie, ...
Medical physics 32 (9), 2827-2838, 2005
Correlation between mammographic density and volumetric fibroglandular tissue estimated on breast MR images
J Wei, HP Chan, MA Helvie, MA Roubidoux, B Sahiner, LM Hadjiiski, ...
Medical physics 31 (4), 933-942, 2004
Interfacial intermetallic growth and shear strength of lead-free composite solder joints
SML Nai, J Wei, M Gupta
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 473 (1), 100-106, 2009
Characterization of mammographic masses based on level set segmentation with new image features and patient information
J Shi, B Sahiner, HP Chan, J Ge, L Hadjiiski, MA Helvie, A Nees, YT Wu, ...
Medical physics 35 (1), 280-290, 2008
Computer-aided detection of masses in digital tomosynthesis mammography: comparison of three approaches
HP Chan, J Wei, Y Zhang, MA Helvie, RH Moore, B Sahiner, L Hadjiiski, ...
Medical physics 35 (9), 4087-4095, 2008
Computer-aided detection of lung nodules: false positive reduction using a 3D gradient field method and 3D ellipsoid fitting
Z Ge, B Sahiner, HP Chan, LM Hadjiiski, PN Cascade, N Bogot, ...
Medical physics 32 (8), 2443-2454, 2005
Investigation of MoS2 and graphene nanosheets by magnetic force microscopy
H Li, X Qi, J Wu, Z Zeng, J Wei, H Zhang
ACS nano 7 (3), 2842-2849, 2013
Automatic multiscale enhancement and segmentation of pulmonary vessels in CT pulmonary angiography images for CAD applications
C Zhou, HP Chan, B Sahiner, LM Hadjiiski, A Chughtai, S Patel, J Wei, ...
Medical physics 34 (12), 4567-4577, 2007
Computer aided detection of clusters of microcalcifications on full field digital mammograms
J Ge, B Sahiner, LM Hadjiiski, HP Chan, J Wei, MA Helvie, C Zhou
Medical physics 33 (8), 2975-2988, 2006
Effect of carbon nanotubes on the shear strength and electrical resistivity of a lead-free solder
SML Nai, J Wei, M Gupta
Journal of electronic materials 37 (4), 515-522, 2008
Lead-free solder reinforced with multiwalled carbon nanotubes
SML Nai, J Wei, M Gupta
Journal of electronic materials 35 (7), 1518-1522, 2006
Facile photochemical synthesis of graphene-Pt nanoparticle composite for counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cell
V Tjoa, J Chua, SS Pramana, J Wei, SG Mhaisalkar, N Mathews
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (7), 3447-3452, 2012
Computerized detection of breast cancer on digital tomosynthesis mammograms
HP Chan, J Wei, S Berkman, LM Hadjiiski
US Patent 7,646,902, 2010
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