Ismail M. M. Rahman
Ismail M. M. Rahman
Associate Professor, Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, Fukushima University, Japan üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Water stress in plants: Causes, effects and responses
SYS Lisar, R Motafakkerazad, MM Hossain, IMM Rahman
Water Stress, 1–14, 2012
pH dependent Cu (II) and Pd (II) ions detection and removal from aqueous media by an efficient mesoporous adsorbent
R Awual, IMM Rahman, T Yaita, A Khaleque, M Ferdows
Chemical Engineering Journal 236, 100–109, 2014
Remediation of toxic metal contaminated soil by washing with biodegradable aminopolycarboxylate chelants
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, Y Tate, H Sawai, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Chemosphere 87 (10), 1161–1170, 2012
Recovery of indium from end-of-life liquid-crystal display panels using aminopolycarboxylate chelants with the aid of mechanochemical treatment
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Egawa, H Sawai, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Microchemical Journal 106, 289–294, 2013
Physicochemical properties of Moringa oleifera Lam. seed oil of the indigenous-cultivar of Bangladesh
IMM Rahman, S Barua, M Nazimuddin, ZA Begum, MA Rahman, ...
Journal of Food Lipids 16 (4), 540–553, 2009
Effect of extraction variables on the biodegradable chelant-assisted removal of toxic metals from artificially contaminated European reference soils
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, H Sawai, S Mizutani, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 224 (3), 1–21, 2013
Physico-chemical characterization, antimicrobial activity and toxicity analysis of Swietenia mahagoni seed oil
MA Majid, IMM Rahman, MAH Shipar, MH Uddin, R Chowdhury
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 6 (2), 350–354, 2004
Formation and stability of binary complexes of divalent ecotoxic ions (Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb) with biodegradable aminopolycarboxylate chelants (DL-2-(2- carboxymethyl …
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, Y Tate, Y Egawa, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Journal of Solution Chemistry 41 (10), 1713–1728, 2012
Recovery of toxic metal ions from washing effluent containing excess aminopolycarboxylate chelant in solution
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, M Nakano, ZA Begum, Y Egawa, T Maki, ...
Water research 45 (16), 4844–4854, 2011
Selective separation of arsenic species from aqueous solutions with immobilized macrocyclic material containing solid phase extraction columns
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, M Nakano, Y Furusho, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Chemosphere 82 (4), 549–556, 2011
Environmental remediation technologies for metal-contaminated soils
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, MA Rahman
Springer Japan, 2016
Selective recovery of indium from the etching waste solution of the flat-panel display fabrication process
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Umehara, H Sawai, T Maki, Y Furusho, ...
Microchemical Journal 110, 10–17, 2013
Non-destructive separation of metal ions from wastewater containing excess aminopolycarboxylate chelant in solution with an ion-selective immobilized macrocyclic material
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, S Kinoshita, T Maki, Y Furusho
Chemosphere 79 (2), 193–198, 2010
Chelant-induced reclamation of indium from the spent liquid crystal display panels with the aid of microwave irradiation
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Egawa, H Sawai, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 254, 10–17, 2013
Stability constants of Fe(III) and Cr(III) complexes with dl-2-(2-carboxymethyl)nitrilotriacetic acid (GLDA) and 3-hydroxy-2,2′-iminodisuccinic acid (HIDS) in aqueous solution
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, H Sawai, Y Tate, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 57 (10), 2723–2732, 2012
Selective recovery of indium from lead-smelting dust
H Sawai, IMM Rahman, Y Tsukagoshi, T Wakabayashi, T Maki, S Mizutani, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 277, 219–228, 2015
Selective separation of elements from complex solution matrix with molecular recognition plus macrocycles attached to a solid-phase: A review
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, H Hasegawa
Microchemical Journal 110, 485–493, 2013
Densities, Viscosities, and Speeds of Sound of Binary Mixtures of Heptan-1-ol with 1, 4-Dioxane at Temperatures from (298.15 to 323.15) K and Atmospheric Pressure
M Habibullah, IMM Rahman, MA Uddin, M Anowar, M Alam, K Iwakabe, ...
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 58 (11), 2887–2897, 2013
Decontamination of spent iron-oxide coated sand from filters used in arsenic removal
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, H Sawai, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Chemosphere 92 (2), 196–200, 2013
Stagnant surface water bodies (SSWBs) as an alternative water resource for the Chittagong metropolitan area of Bangladesh: physicochemical characterization in terms of water …
IMM Rahman, MM Islam, MM Hossain, MS Hossain, ZA Begum, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 173 (1), 669–684, 2011
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