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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Targeting angiogenesis with a conjugate of HPMA copolymer and TNP-470
R Satchi-Fainaro, M Puder, JW Davies, HT Tran, DA Sampson, ...
Nature medicine 10 (3), 255-261, 2004
A unique paradigm for a Turn-ON near-infrared cyanine-based probe: noninvasive intravital optical imaging of hydrogen peroxide
N Karton-Lifshin, E Segal, L Omer, M Portnoy, R Satchi-Fainaro, D Shabat
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (28), 10960-10965, 2011
Administration, distribution, metabolism and elimination of polymer therapeutics
E Markovsky, H Baabur-Cohen, A Eldar-Boock, L Omer, G Tiram, S Ferber, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 161 (2), 446-460, 2012
Polymer–drug conjugates, PDEPT and PELT: basic principles for design and transfer from the laboratory to clinic
R Duncan, S Gac-Breton, R Keane, R Musila, YN Sat, R Satchi, F Searle
Journal of Controlled Release 74 (1-3), 135-146, 2001
Polymer therapeutics for cancer: current status and future challenges
R Satchi-Fainaro, R Duncan, CM Barnes
Polymer therapeutics II, 1-65, 2006
Polymer therapeutics—polymers as drugs, drug and protein conjugates and gene delivery systems: past, present and future opportunities
R Duncan, H Ringsdorf, R Satchi-Fainaro
Journal of drug targeting 14 (6), 337-341, 2006
Targeting bone metastases with a bispecific anticancer and antiangiogenic polymer–alendronate–taxane conjugate
K Miller, R Erez, E Segal, D Shabat, R Satchi‐Fainaro
Angewandte Chemie 121 (16), 2993-2998, 2009
Inhibition of vessel permeability by TNP-470 and its polymer conjugate, caplostatin
R Satchi-Fainaro, R Mamluk, L Wang, SM Short, JA Nagy, D Feng, ...
Cancer cell 7 (3), 251-261, 2005
PDEPT: polymer-directed enzyme prodrug therapy
R Satchi, TA Connors, R Duncan
British journal of cancer 85 (7), 1070-1076, 2001
In vivo delivery of small interfering RNA to tumors and their vasculature by novel dendritic nanocarriers
P Ofek, W Fischer, M Calderón, R Haag, R Satchi‐Fainaro
The FASEB Journal 24 (9), 3122-3134, 2010
Gene delivery using polymer therapeutics
E Wagner, J Kloeckner
Polymer Therapeutics I, 135-173, 2006
A 27-amino-acid synthetic peptide corresponding to the NH2-terminal zinc-binding domain of endostatin is responsible for its antitumor activity
RMTT Sjin, R Satchi-Fainaro, AE Birsner, VMS Ramanujam, J Folkman, ...
Cancer research 65 (9), 3656-3663, 2005
Real-time monitoring of drug release
R Weinstain, E Segal, R Satchi-Fainaro, D Shabat
Chemical Communications 46 (4), 553-555, 2010
Integrin-assisted drug delivery of nano-scaled polymer therapeutics bearing paclitaxel
A Eldar-Boock, K Miller, J Sanchis, R Lupu, MJ Vicent, R Satchi-Fainaro
Biomaterials 32 (15), 3862-3874, 2011
PDEPT: Polymer-directed enzyme prodrug therapy. 2. HPMA copolymer-β-lactamase and HPMA copolymer-C-Dox as a model combination
R Satchi-Fainaro, H Hailu, JW Davies, C Summerford, R Duncan
Bioconjugate chemistry 14 (4), 797-804, 2003
Targeting angiogenesis-dependent calcified neoplasms using combined polymer therapeutics
E Segal, H Pan, P Ofek, T Udagawa, P Kopečková, J Kopeček, ...
PloS one 4 (4), e5233, 2009
Dendritic poly (ethylene glycol) bearing paclitaxel and alendronate for targeting bone neoplasms
C Clementi, K Miller, A Mero, R Satchi-Fainaro, G Pasut
Molecular pharmaceutics 8 (4), 1063-1072, 2011
A novel antitumor prodrug platform designed to be cleaved by the endoprotease legumain
L Stern, R Perry, P Ofek, A Many, D Shabat, R Satchi-Fainaro
Bioconjugate chemistry 20 (3), 500-510, 2009
Remarkable enhancement of chemiluminescent signal by dioxetane–fluorophore conjugates: turn-on chemiluminescence probes with color modulation for sensing and imaging
N Hananya, A Eldar Boock, CR Bauer, R Satchi-Fainaro, D Shabat
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (40), 13438-13446, 2016
A novel noninvasive model of endometriosis for monitoring the efficacy of antiangiogenic therapy
CM Becker, RD Wright, R Satchi-Fainaro, T Funakoshi, J Folkman, ...
The American journal of pathology 168 (6), 2074-2084, 2006
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