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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A multi-objective mathematical model for the industrial hazardous waste location-routing problem
F Samanlioglu
European Journal of Operational Research 226 (2), 332-340, 2013
Inventory planning and coordination in disaster relief efforts
LB Davis, F Samanlioglu, X Qu, S Root
International Journal of Production Economics 141 (2), 561-573, 2013
A memetic random-key genetic algorithm for a symmetric multi-objective traveling salesman problem
F Samanlioglu, WG Ferrell Jr, ME Kurz
Computers & Industrial Engineering 55 (2), 439-449, 2008
A fuzzy QFD approach to determine supply chain management strategies in the dairy industry
Z Ayağ, F Samanlioglu, G Büyüközkan
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 24 (6), 1111-1122, 2013
Computing trade-offs in robust design: perspectives of the mean squared error
S Shin, F Samanlioglu, BR Cho, MM Wiecek
Computers & Industrial Engineering 60 (2), 248-255, 2011
A fuzzy AHP–TOPSIS-based group decision-making approach to IT personnel selection
F Samanlioglu, YE Taskaya, UC Gulen, O Cokcan
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 20 (5), 1576-1591, 2018
A fuzzy AHP-PROMETHEE II approach for evaluation of solar power plant location alternatives in Turkey
F Samanlioglu, Z Ayağ
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 33 (2), 859-871, 2017
A hybrid random-key genetic algorithm for a symmetric travelling salesman problem
F Samanlioglu, MB Kurz, WG Ferrell, S Tangudu
International Journal of Operational Research 2 (1), 47-63, 2007
An intelligent approach to supplier evaluation in automotive sector
Z Ayağ, F Samanlioglu
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 27 (4), 889-903, 2016
Fuzzy ANP-based PROMETHEE II approach for evaluation of machine tool alternatives
F Samanlioglu, Z Ayağ
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 30 (4), 2223-2235, 2016
A heuristic approach for allocation of data to RFID tags: A data allocation knapsack problem (DAKP)
L Davis, F Samanlioglu, X Jiang, D Mota, P Stanfield
Computers & Operations Research 39 (1), 93-104, 2012
Evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic intervention strategies with hesitant F-AHP
F Samanlioglu, BE Kaya
Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2020, 2020
Radio frequency identification system optimisation models for lifecycle of a durable product
MS Osman, B Ram, P Stanfield, F Samanlioglu, L Davis, J Bhadury
International journal of production research 48 (9), 2699-2721, 2010
Fuzzy AHP-GRA approach to evaluating energy sources: a case of Turkey
Z Ayağ, F Samanlioglu
International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 2020
A fuzzy AHP-VIKOR approach for evaluation of educational use simulation software packages
F Samanlioglu, Z Ayağ
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 37 (6), 7699-7710, 2019
An overview of the 2009 A (H1N1) pandemic in Europe: efficiency of the vaccination and healthcare strategies
F Samanlioglu, AH Bilge
Journal of healthcare engineering 2016, 2016
On the uniqueness of epidemic models fitting a normalized curve of removed individuals
AH Bilge, F Samanlioglu, O Ergonul
Journal of mathematical biology 71 (4), 767-794, 2015
Optimization model for distributed routing for disaster area logistics
MS Osman, B Ram, J Bhadury, P Stanfield, L Davis, F Samanlioglu
2009 IEEE/INFORMS International Conference on Service Operations, Logistics …, 2009
A Multi-Objective Stochastic Model for an Earthquake Relief Network
ZD Yenice, F Samanlioglu
Journal of Advanced Transportation 2020, 2020
Evaluation of influenza intervention strategies in Turkey with fuzzy AHP-VIKOR
F Samanlioglu
Journal of healthcare engineering 2019, 2019
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