Hady Elsahar
Hady Elsahar
Researcher Naver Labs Europe
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Building Large Arabic Multi-domain Resources for Sentiment Analysis
H ElSahar, SR El-Beltagy
Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing 9042, 23-34, 2015
T-rex: A large scale alignment of natural language with knowledge base triples
H Elsahar, P Vougiouklis, A Remaci, C Gravier, J Hare, E Simperl, ...
Neural wikipedian: Generating textual summaries from knowledge base triples
P Vougiouklis, H Elsahar, LA Kaffee, C Gravier, F Laforest, J Hare, ...
Journal of Web Semantics 52, 1-15, 2018
A fully automated approach for arabic slang lexicon extraction from microblogs
H ElSahar, SR El-Beltagy
International conference on intelligent text processing and computational …, 2014
Zero-Shot Question Generation from Knowledge Graphs for Unseen Predicates and Entity Types
H Elsahar, C Gravier, L Frederique
The 16th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association …, 2018
Unsupervised Open Relation Extraction
H Elsahar, E Demidova, S Gottschalk, C Gravier, F Laforest
ESWC 2017, The Semantic Web, 2017
To Annotate or Not? Predicting Performance Drop under Domain Shift
H Elsahar, M Gallé
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2019
Learning to generate Wikipedia summaries for underserved languages from Wikidata
LA Kaffee, H Elsahar, P Vougiouklis, C Gravier, F Laforest, J Hare, ...
The 16th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association …, 2018
Participatory research for low-resourced machine translation: A case study in african languages
W Nekoto, V Marivate, T Matsila, T Fasubaa, T Kolawole, T Fagbohungbe, ...
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2020, 2020
Mind the (language) gap: Generation of multilingual wikipedia summaries from wikidata for articleplaceholders
LA Kaffee, H ElSahar, P Vougiouklis, C Gravier, F Laforest, J Hare, ...
European Semantic Web Conference, 319-334, 2018
Unsupervised aspect-based multi-document abstractive summarization
M Coavoux, H Elsahar, M Gallé
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on New Frontiers in Summarization, 42-47, 2019
Self-Supervised and Controlled Multi-Document Opinion Summarization
H Elsahar, M Coavoux, M Gallé, R Jos
Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the European Chapter of the …, 2020
A Distributional Approach to Controlled Text Generation
M Khalifa, H Elsahar, M Dymetman
International Conference On Learning Representations, ICLR2021, 2020
The case for a GDPR-specific annotated dataset of privacy policies
M Gallé, A Christofi, H Elsahar
AAAI Symposium on Privacy-Enhancing AI and HLT Technologies, 2019
Energy-Based Models for Code Generation under Compilability Constraints
T Korbak, H Elsahar, M Dymetman, G Kruszewski
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.04985, 2021
References in Wikipedia: The Editors’ Perspective
LA Kaffee, H Elsahar
Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021, 535-538, 2021
Symbol-Shift Equivariant Neural Networks
D Salinas, H Elsahar
Unsupervised Aspect-Based Neural Abstractive Summarization of User-Generated Reviews
M Coavoux, H Elsahar, M Gallé
EurNLP, 2019
Enabling dynamic interactions between natural language and structured knowledge bases
H Elsahar
Wikidata2Wikipedia: Learning to Generate Wikipedia Summaries for Underserved Languages from Wikidata
LA Kaffee, H Elsahar, P Vougiouklis, C Gravier, F Laforest, J Hare, ...
University of Southampton, 2018
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