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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of the single phase photovoltaic module integrated converter topologies with three different DC link configurations
Q Li, P Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on power electronics 23 (3), 1320-1333, 2008
A current-sourced DC-DC converter derived via the duality principle from the half-bridge converter
PJ Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 40 (1), 139-144, 1993
Device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays
P Wolfs
US Patent 7,839,022, 2010
Optimal PV inverter reactive power control and real power curtailment to improve performance of unbalanced four-wire LV distribution networks
X Su, MAS Masoum, PJ Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 5 (3), 967-977, 2014
A review of high PV penetrations in LV distribution networks: Present status, impacts and mitigation measures
MM Haque, P Wolfs
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 62, 1195-1208, 2016
Potential challenges of integrating large-scale wind energy into the power grid–A review
GM Shafiullah, AMT Oo, ABMS Ali, P Wolfs
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 20, 306-321, 2013
A current fed two-inductor boost converter with an integrated magnetic structure and passive lossless snubbers for photovoltaic module integrated converter applications
Q Li, P Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 22 (1), 309-321, 2007
Optimal operation of distributed energy storage systems to improve distribution network load and generation hosting capability
N Jayasekara, MAS Masoum, PJ Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 7 (1), 250-261, 2015
Device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays
P Wolfs
US Patent 8,093,757, 2012
Prospects of renewable energy–a feasibility study in the Australian context
GM Shafiullah, MTO Amanullah, ABMS Ali, D Jarvis, P Wolfs
Renewable Energy 39 (1), 183-197, 2012
Voltage unbalance reduction in low voltage feeders by dynamic switching of residential customers among three phases
F Shahnia, PJ Wolfs, A Ghosh
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 5 (3), 1318-1327, 2014
An analysis of the ZVS two-inductor boost converter under variable frequency operation
Q Li, P Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 22 (1), 120-131, 2007
Survey of wireless communications applications in the railway industry
GM Shafiullah, A Gyasi-Agyei, P Wolfs
The 2nd International Conference on Wireless Broadband and Ultra Wideband …, 2007
Calibration transfer between PDA-based NIR spectrometers in the NIR assessment of melon soluble solids content
CV Greensill, PJ Wolfs, CH Spiegelman, KB Walsh
Applied spectroscopy 55 (5), 647-653, 2001
An economic assessment of “second use” lithium-ion batteries for grid support
P Wolfs
2010 20th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, 1-6, 2010
Novel topology for correction of unbalanced load in single phase electric traction systems
ST Senini, PJ Wolfs
2002 IEEE 33rd Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference …, 2002
Hybrid active filter for harmonically unbalanced three phase three wire railway traction loads
S Senini, PJ Wolfs
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 15 (4), 702-710, 2000
A single cell maximum power point tracking converter without a current sensor for high performance vehicle solar arrays
PJ Wolfs, L Tang
2005 IEEE 36th Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 165-171, 2005
An optimal management strategy for distributed storages in distribution networks with high penetrations of PV
N Jayasekara, P Wolfs, MAS Masoum
Electric Power Systems Research 116, 147-157, 2014
Impact of high PV penetration on distribution transformer insulation life
H Pezeshki, PJ Wolfs, G Ledwich
IEEE transactions on power delivery 29 (3), 1212-1220, 2013
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