Christopher R. Fell
Christopher R. Fell
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Identifying surface structural changes in layered Li-excess nickel manganese oxides in high voltage lithium ion batteries: A joint experimental and theoretical study
B Xu, CR Fell, M Chi, YS Meng
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (6), 2223-2233, 2011
Correlation between oxygen vacancy, microstrain, and cation distribution in lithium-excess layered oxides during the first electrochemical cycle
CR Fell, D Qian, KJ Carroll, M Chi, JL Jones, YS Meng
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1621-1629, 2013
Controllable Synthesis of Hollow Si Anode for Long‐Cycle‐Life Lithium‐Ion Batteries
X Huang, J Yang, S Mao, J Chang, PB Hallac, CR Fell, B Metz, J Jiang, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (25), 4326-4332, 2014
A hierarchical Tin/Carbon composite as an anode for lithium‐ion batteries with a long cycle life
X Huang, S Cui, J Chang, PB Hallac, CR Fell, Y Luo, B Metz, J Jiang, ...
Angewandte Chemie 127 (5), 1510-1513, 2015
Synthesis–structure–property relations in layered,“Li-excess” oxides electrode materials Li [Li1/3− 2x/3NixMn2/3− x/3] O2 (x= 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5)
CR Fell, KJ Carroll, M Chi, YS Meng
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 157 (11), A1202, 2010
Probing the electrode/electrolyte interface in the lithium excess layered oxide Li 1.2 Ni 0.2 Mn 0.6 O 2
KJ Carroll, D Qian, C Fell, S Calvin, GM Veith, M Chi, L Baggetto, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (26), 11128-11138, 2013
In-situ neutron diffraction study of the xLi2MnO3·(1− x) LiMO2 (x= 0, 0.5; M= Ni, Mn, Co) layered oxide compounds during electrochemical cycling
H Liu, CR Fell, K An, L Cai, YS Meng
Journal of Power Sources 240, 772-778, 2013
In situ X-ray diffraction study of the lithium excess layered oxide compound Li [Li0. 2Ni0. 2Mn0. 6] O2 during electrochemical cycling
CR Fell, M Chi, YS Meng, JL Jones
Solid State Ionics 207, 44-49, 2012
Effect of calendering on electrode wettability in lithium-ion batteries
Y Sheng, CR Fell, YK Son, BM Metz, J Jiang, BC Church
Frontiers in Energy Research 2, 56, 2014
Volume, pressure and thickness evolution of Li-ion pouch cells with silicon-composite negative electrodes
AJ Louli, J Li, S Trussler, CR Fell, JR Dahn
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164 (12), A2689, 2017
Operando X-ray diffraction study of polycrystalline and single-crystal LixNi0. 5Mn0. 3Co0. 2O2
R Weber, CR Fell, JR Dahn, S Hy
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164 (13), A2992, 2017
High pressure driven structural and electrochemical modifications in layered lithium transition metal intercalation oxides
CR Fell, DH Lee, YS Meng, JM Gallardo-Amores, E Moran, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (3), 6214-6224, 2012
Investigation of the gas generation in lithium titanate anode based lithium ion batteries
CR Fell, L Sun, PB Hallac, B Metz, B Sisk
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 162 (9), A1916, 2015
Improving cyclic performance of Si anode for lithium-ion batteries by forming an intermetallic skin
X Huang, S Mao, J Chang, PB Hallac, CR Fell, Y Luo, B Metz, J Jiang, ...
RSC Advances 5 (48), 38660-38664, 2015
Micro-hybrid battery module for a vehicle
Y Son, Y Luo, BM Metz, B Hallac, CR Fell, C Kim, J Jiang
US Patent 9,997,816, 2018
Electrolyte Formulation for High Voltage and Wide Temperature Lithium-Ion Cells
PB Hallac, J Jiang, CR Fell
US Patent App. 13/910,686, 2013
Chemical modification of polypropylene and polystyrene through fluorocarbon ion beam deposition
WD Hsu, C Fell, S Pregler, SB Sinnott
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (41), 17860-17865, 2009
Understanding Surface Modification and Electrochemical Cycling Stability of Oxide Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries by Advanced Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy
M Chi, C Fell, B Xu, S Meng
Microscopy and Microanalysis 17 (S2), 1574-1575, 2011
Structural Factors Affecting Lithium Transport in Lithium-Excess Layered Cathode Materials
CR Fell
University of Florida, 2012
CO2 Mineralization and Utilization by a High-Gravity Carbonation Process: Past, Present, and Future
SY Pan, PC Chiang, TL Chen, SL Pei
Integrated and Sustainable Environmental Remediation, 97-104, 2018
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