Brandon L. Coyle, PhD
Brandon L. Coyle, PhD
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
EKylation: addition of an alternating-charge peptide stabilizes proteins
EJ Liu, A Sinclair, AJ Keefe, BL Nannenga, BL Coyle, F Baneyx, S Jiang
Biomacromolecules 16 (10), 3357-3361, 2015
A cleavable silica‐binding affinity tag for rapid and inexpensive protein purification
BL Coyle, F Baneyx
Biotechnology and bioengineering 111 (10), 2019-2026, 2014
Carbon-Binding Designer Proteins that Discriminate between sp2- and sp3-Hybridized Carbon Surfaces
BL Coyle, M Rolandi, F Baneyx
Langmuir 29 (15), 4839-4846, 2013
Direct and reversible immobilization and microcontact printing of functional proteins on glass using a genetically appended silica-binding tag
BL Coyle, F Baneyx
Chemical Communications 52 (43), 7001-7004, 2016
Affinity purification of Car9-tagged proteins on silica matrices: Optimization of a rapid and inexpensive protein purification technology
J Soto-Rodríguez, BL Coyle, A Samuelson, K Aravagiri, F Baneyx
Protein expression and purification 135, 70-77, 2017
Bread toasting control in a toaster by response curve of photosensitive element (s)
C Battu
US Patent 6,730,888, 2004
Protein-aided mineralization of inorganic nanostructures
BL Coyle, W Zhou, F Baneyx
Bionanotechnology: biological self-assembly and its applications, 2013
Selective labeling and decoration of the ends and sidewalls of single-walled carbon nanotubes using mono-and bispecific solid-binding fluorescent proteins
SJG Dunakey, BL Coyle, A Thomas, M Xu, BJF Swift, F Baneyx
Bioconjugate chemistry 30 (3), 959-965, 2019
Solid-binding Proteins for Modification of Inorganic Substrates
B Coyle
High fidelity affinity purification of Fc-fusion molecules from product related impurities
B Coyle, T Scanlon, K Kearns, A Mohanty, K Lacki, W Kett
Approaches to the Purification, Analysis and Characterization of Antibody …, 2020
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