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Kevin G. McCracken
Kevin G. McCracken
University of Miami & University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Comparative analyses of vertebrate gut microbiomes reveal convergence between birds and bats
SJ Song, JG Sanders, F Delsuc, J Metcalf, K Amato, MW Taylor, F Mazel, ...
MBio 11 (1), 10.1128/mbio. 02901-19, 2020
Coevolution of male and female genital morphology in waterfowl
PLR Brennan, RO Prum, KG McCracken, MD Sorenson, RE Wilson, ...
PLoS one 2 (5), e418, 2007
Avian vocalizations and phylogenetic signal
KG McCracken, FH Sheldon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (8), 3833-3836, 1997
Is Homoplasy or Lineage Sorting the Source of Incongruent mtDNA and Nuclear Gene Trees in the Stiff-Tailed Ducks (Nomonyx-Oxyura)?
KG McCracken, MD Sorenson
Systematic Biology 54 (1), 35-55, 2005
Molecular population genetics, phylogeography, and conservation biology of the mottled duck (Anas fulvigula)
KG McCracken*, WP Johnson, FH Sheldon
Conservation genetics 2, 87-102, 2001
Movements of birds and avian influenza from Asia into Alaska
K Winker, KG McCracken, DD Gibson, CL Pruett, R Meier, F Huettmann, ...
Emerging infectious diseases 13 (4), 547, 2007
Data set incongruence and correlated character evolution: an example of functional convergence in the hind-limbs of stifftail diving ducks
KG McCracken, J Harshman, DA McClellan, AD Afton
Systematic biology 48 (4), 683-714, 1999
Estimating the influence of selection on the variable amino acid sites of the cytochrome b protein functional domains
DA McClellan, KG McCracken
Molecular biology and evolution 18 (6), 917-925, 2001
Phylogeography of The Mallard (Anas Platyrhynchos): Hybridization, Dispersal, and Lineage Sorting Contribute to Complex Geographic Structure
IV Kulikova, SV Drovetski, DD Gibson, RJ Harrigan, S Rohwer, ...
The Auk 122 (3), 949-965, 2005
Asymmetric Hybridization and Sex-Biased Gene Flow Between Eastern Spot-Billed Ducks (Anas Zonorhyncha) and Mallards (A. Platyrhynchos) in the Russian Far …
IV Kulikova, YN Zhuravlev, KG McCracken
The Auk 121 (3), 930-949, 2004
Convergent evolution of hemoglobin function in high-altitude Andean waterfowl involves limited parallelism at the molecular sequence level
C Natarajan, J Projecto-Garcia, H Moriyama, RE Weber, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (12), e1005681, 2015
Genomic approaches to understanding population divergence and speciation in birds
DPL Toews, L Campagna, SA Taylor, CN Balakrishnan, DT Baldassarre, ...
The Auk: Ornithological Advances 133 (1), 13-30, 2016
H7N3 avian influenza virus found in a South American wild duck is related to the Chilean 2002 poultry outbreak, contains genes from equine and North American wild bird lineages …
E Spackman, KG McCracken, K Winker, DE Swayne
Journal of virology 80 (15), 7760-7764, 2006
Gene flow in the face of countervailing selection: adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia in the βA hemoglobin subunit of yellow-billed pintails in the Andes
KG McCracken, M Bulgarella, KP Johnson, MK Kuhner, J Trucco, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 26 (4), 815-827, 2009
Parallel evolution in the major haemoglobin genes of eight species of Andean waterfowl
KG McCracken, CP Barger, M Bulgarella, KP Johnson, SA Sonsthagen, ...
Molecular ecology 18 (19), 3992-4005, 2009
Phylogenetics of wigeons and allies (Anatidae: Anas): the importance of sampling multiple loci and multiple individuals
JL Peters, KG McCracken, YN Zhuravlev, Y Lu, RE Wilson, KP Johnson, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 35 (1), 209-224, 2005
Relative patterns and rates of evolution in heron nuclear and mitochondrial DNA
FH Sheldon, CE Jones, KG McCracken
Molecular Biology and Evolution 17 (3), 437-450, 2000
Phylogenetics of a recent radiation in the mallards and allies (Aves: Anas): inferences from a genomic transect and the multispecies coalescent
P Lavretsky, KG McCracken, JL Peters
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 70, 402-411, 2014
Signatures of high-altitude adaptation in the major hemoglobin of five species of Andean dabbling ducks
KG McCracken, CP Barger, M Bulgarella, KP Johnson, MK Kuhner, ...
The American Naturalist 174 (5), 631-650, 2009
Molecular and osteological heron phylogenies: sources of incongruence
KG McCracken, FH Sheldon
The Auk 115 (1), 127-141, 1998
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